My favourite tweets of 2013

This is one of my favourite posts to go back and reread. It reminds me that people are hilarious and twitter is more than just a place to document what you ate for lunch and watch a celebrity meltdown in real time. So obviously since I’m on a blogging streak (meaning I’ve blogged twice THIS YEAR ALREADY), I had to do it again. This one is much longer because you guys continue to become more hilarious and thoughtful and brilliant.

1.”I’ve done lots of awful things in my life but I can keep my head high knowing I’ve never tweeted “I tried to DM you but you don’t follow me”" – @morgan_murphy

2. “ Last night, I drove a 15-passenger van, in the dark, down California’s 405. You only can’t do something until you do it. Fear, what?”- @doniree

3. “When I am gone, my tombstone shall read “She defended the Kardashians to her death”.”- @Lemmonex

4. “Massaging kale has to be the most white person activity of all time”- @rachaelgking

5. “ ”E.T. has such a powerful message.” “What, be nice to aliens?”"- @amberadrian

6. “I hope you’re using all the time you save by saying “totes” instead of a “totally” to learn a trade.” – @bazecraze

7. “My mom’s life work was achieved today as I finally care about sunscreen as much as she always wanted.”-Bboudreau

8. “Mornings are the worst. Morning people are the worst. Nobody wants to here about how good you are
at functioning. – @alana_margaret

9. “I think I hate people who “have never had McDonalds” even more than I hate no TV people. MILLIONS SERVED. SOMEONE EATS IT.”- @andreaki

10. “So today my grandmother texted me to tell me she thinks my high school boyfriend was really handsome. That was helpful.”- @ihatesomuch

11. ” My superpower is turning a bowl of oatmeal into the least healthy thing you’ll eat all day.” – @_sarahnicole

12. “Every night, 1am: “How is it this late?! I swear I just sat down!” Every morning 7am: “I’m going to bed at nine tonight.” Repeat forever.”- @Shannon_Mazur

13. “When I was pretty young my mother taught me to say say anti-choice instead of pro-life. We are ALL pro-life.”- @lenadunham

14. ” Three years ago, I made a list of places to visit in Canada, and it looked like this: “YVR, Winnipeg, east, and wherever @brandyismagic is.” – @doniree

15. “The way I pace around my apartment really screams cool, calm, and collected.”- @ashleyriodan

16. “Let it be known I became completely over today at 1:27pm.”- @sizzlesays

17. “My mom: “I really need to get a radio so I can stay in-the-know about what’s going on in Boston.”
A radio, people. A RADIO.”- @ihatesomuch

18. ” Worst Nightmare: “Let’s just order a bunch of things for the group and share.”- @Bboudreau

19. “There is no such thing as work-life balance. Everything worth fighting for unbalances your life.”- @alaindebottom

20. “Wendy Davis is a Gryffindor.”- @Lord_Voldemort7

21. “We’ve reached the point where Miles can say the word for anything he wants, but we can only understand 1/4 of it. And then we all cry.”- @Habbala

22.”At this point I don’t even care if donuts are gluten free because I’m having two of them.”- @katelin

23. “Still behind the wheel of Team Struggle Bus. Two tires left, and all the windows are blown out. GPS keeps rerouting to the west coast.”- @bradleyfields

24. “I’ve learned bad things happen to good people but it doesn’t strip them of their goodness.”- @ourcitylights

25. “No, please. Continue to tweet about how you’re too busy to follow anyone on any form of social media. It’s impressive & fascinating.”- @anxioushippie

26. “ I am the definition of glitter homeless right now.” – @tara_lane

27. “I hate that Obama has to argue for people to believe science. I, guys? Let’s just all get on the
same page here.”- @indevelopment

28. “Having a rough morning? Place your hand over your heart. Feel that? That’s called purpose. Don’t give up.” – @melissajoykong

29. “Ran after the bus while I was listening to the Skyfall soundtrack. I was in a suit so yeah, you could say I know what it’s like to be Bond. “- @12minds

30 . “Yeah. I had a blog once. <slowly places hand on rainy windowpane>” -@BrandonHoang_

What was your favourite tweet (or tweets) of 2013?

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I started dating again (which is an accomplishment in itself if you remember how my previous date had gone). I fell more in love with my job, tackled a lot of personal issues and found myself inching back towards the place of contentment that I used to reside in before things got difficult and my brain chemistry changed and showering became the biggest hurdle of my day.

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2. Surviving junior high.

3. Owning your dance moves.

4. Being kind.

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7. Voting in the last election.

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1. I don’t drink smoothies. I mean, I WANT to drink them. Every person I know raves about them on the daily. But let’s face it. I’m lazy as hell. And smoothies involve peeling and chopping and slicing and giving a fuck. Smoothies are like, french braids or completed crosswords done in pen. You want to show off that you’ve completed it but there’s a level of effort involved that no one wants to talk about. I slice a lemon into my naglene and think I’m channeling Eric Ripert.

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I went through a phase in my early teens when I was obsessed with jury selection (I mean, who DIDN’T have that phase?) and read every book possible on the topic. This was after the OJ Simpson case and I was convinced that the right jury would have REALIZED WHAT EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY KNEW. I became an expert on how to spot liars, identify psychopaths and establish who wants to wants to chop off your head and use it as a soup bowl so I was convinced I would be up for online dating.

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If you don’t know me or haven’t followed my blog, you may not know this about me:

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My wish for you:

“I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.” ―Neil Gaiman


My favourite tweets of 2012

I know the best people on the internet. These are my favourite tweets of the entire year. Drumroll please……

On feelings

- “Can’t walk when I’m this angry.”- @HonestToddler

- “You’re just a feeling.”- @PreschoolGems

- “After Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin, it was turned into 10,000 pumpkin spice lattes so everyone was fuckin’ thrilled.” – @AngryBFlay

- “I’m learning to drop my fear of being earnest. We’ve been taught to mock earnestness, but it’s truly a lovely thing.”- @schmutzie

” ‘Razbliuto’ is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, …READ MORE