Jon Stewart and Me

So I’ve succumbed to peer pressure and have started an actual blog. I’ve done this for the following reasons:

- I have a few spare hours to kill before I watch Bond kill
- I actually enjoy writing but feel that my attention span won’t allow me to compose a novel
- I was told I should (and after this, I’m jumping off that bridge)
- People are annoyed with the yellow star that keeps showing up on my msn space each time I waste time there.
- I want to join the pretentious masses who tell you they ‘blog’

I want to be a blogger but I have a sad feeling no one reads the blogs of random people. People read the blogs of individuals fighting off serious illness, battling mother nature or discovering cures to diseases with really long names. Or famous people. Even I admit, if Jon Stewart blogged I would most likely read it everyday. Okay, even if he just typed out a grocery list of a complete stranger I would read it. Daily. Like, at 5pm.

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