Annie get your thesaurus!

Where do I start?

I had a whole other post prepared but then I got this email from someone named Annie:

“i used to love reading your stuff. you seemed like someone who would be cool to get too know. you were funny and had actual opinions on TOPICS other than yourself. now everytime i read your blog you are whinging about men and being single. where’s your self respect? you talk of being independent, but last time i cheked, independent didn’t mean complaining all the time. now your shit is boring and it makes me angry and mad to read how you are so set on guys cuz life is about more than that. something, YOU seem to have forgotten. ya, you are getting lots of comments, but probably because people feel sorry for you. maybe if you spent as much time as you do talking about yourself, trying to change yourself you would be happier. i’m probably not the only one who thinks this but the only one who has the guts to tell you, so dont’ think i’m the only one. i hope you figure your shit out and get back to writing INTERESTING posts. I won’t be reading until then. And don’t try to contact me, this is not my real name or my email address anyway.”

Oh so much to say. First of all, I’m sorry that I had this weird idea that because I was the one writing, and it was my blog that I could write about what I wanted. It makes much more sense that I chose topics from other people and try to mold my writing around them, while ignoring writing about my own life. I’m sorry that you find that my post is gone straight to hell. I mean, obviously writing about Jamie Oliver and mamograms is a HUGE step in the wrong direction, considering the ‘deep topics’ I wrote of when I first started blogging. Topics like how I roll, or good smelling body scrubs.  I can see how you would be worried. I mean, next thing you know, I might actually post more about my own feelings. Oh, but in case you missed it, I did complain about not having a boyfriend to take care of me while I was sick when I first started writing (check here), so I suppose I’ve always been a complainer.

Also, I’m in awe at your ability to step forward and tell me all of this. I would almost consider it brave, if you know, you didn’t send me a fake email address and name. It kind of boosted my ego actually. I like the idea that you felt it necessary to go to such great lengths. It makes me wonder if you were worried I would write something back to you, or if you were just too ashamed brave to use your own name?

As for the comments, yes I am getting more than when I first started writing, maybe it’s because I send them all money and baked goods as bribes? Oh, and  ‘angry’ and ‘mad’ are the same thing, so it doesn’t really work well to say you are ‘angry and mad’ about how I’m set on guys. It’s like saying I bet your mother would be ‘humiliated and embarassed’ at what you are willing to write to a total stranger. You see what I’m saying here?

And for my self respect, if I lost it anywhere, I lost it while on a houseboating trip while attending a 4am hotdog and ketchup party in the forest where we made sacrifices to the lake and intense shadow puppets. I would explain it in detail, but then it would be a post about ME, and I see how much you dislike that.

Lastly, Annie, there is something called ‘spell check’. I know wordpress spell check isn’t working, but if you are going to send mean emails to strangers, have the courtesy to make sure you spell everything correctly. It’s the least you can do after you ruin my day make me want to OBAMA! you.

It’s moments like this that I really hope karma exists.

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  • Just to state the obvious, Annie’s a moron. I love your blog Brandy, you’re funny, creative, have cute stories, and you even come up with fun slang like OBAMA! If Annie doesn’t want to get to know you then I’m over the moon about that quite frankly because that’s one less person in line, the rest of us all just moved up a spot!

  • oh brandylu… what a gem of a response. i seriously dont get the whole idea that people think, even though they have nothing nice to say, that these comments care to be read!? it’s just really cruel.
    you have a bazillion readers who admire you and your writing and come here because we like hearing about you and what goes on in your life. so i sincerely hope you don’t let any of the annie’s of the world get to you. because you totally rock my friend.

  • Amanda

    I have so many things to say to this. I’m going to have to come back though. Because if I wrote them all out right now, Annie would be very sorry she ever wrote that to you.

    Wow, Brandydear. Wow. OBAMA her indeed. Again, I’ll be back. And I’m going to ditto Brookem this time and say you DO totally rock.

  • yeah, im back. because i felt i had more to say… but then i contemplated my “if you dont have anything nice to say” comment, and figure if i tell annie how i really feel that id be going against all of that idea. and throwing around a lot of nasty adjectives and unkind and unpretty words. and really, people that have class, such as you and your true readers? wouldn’t be pulling an annie move and going that low. we will just obama her and the comments she made!

  • oh and one more thing (actually, this probably wont be it, knowing me)- i think you handled this EXTREMELY well. you just pointed out the obvious to her, rather than stooping to her level and saying harsh things back. now that my friend, speaks volumes to the type of person you are. someone who rocks. ill say it over and over.


  • OH MY GAWD!!! (Yes, I spell it that way on purpose as to not take anything in vain). ;)

    SO… I could go off on a tangent here, because “Annie” is the EPITOME of so many of our very jealous readers out there but, I will try and refrain. I am however compelled to mention that this line “It’s like saying I bet your mother would be ‘humiliated and embarassed’ at what you are willing to write to a total stranger” was absolutely freeking hilarious, as well as being an incredibly well articulated response!

    You go girl. All I can say is her rudeness screams JEALOUSY.

  • Hah! I’m one of the first few to comment, wihch is rare, and calls for my making some good use of this opportunity!

    I love the way u’ve totally come back at her! I got to learn somethings from u! And guess what?! The spelling mistake, angry/mad and using anon name were the first few things I noticed about “her” email too! Cool that you let her know that! :))

    And I’ve said this before, YOUR life seems so interesting, that u musn’t stop writing about it! :))

  • Uh, wow? What the?
    Obviously I missed your beginnings, but have been drawn here daily since I found you (that’s what she said). As I am responsible for like 4 comments on each of your posts, I can say that I am intrigued and entertained by everything you write. Also, you still owe me for the 4 comments per post. I’m not much into baked goods, so the money would be fine (yep, that’s what she said!!).

    Don’t change a thing about your writing. You are hysterical, creative and I truly look forward to each of your blogs…even the ones where you don’t mention Kenny Rogers ;-)

    Like they say, you know you’ve made it when they boo you or you get critics. Well done Bran, well done infreakindeed!!!!!

  • She said “angry” AND “mad”. At least she was not only able to correctly identify an emotion but give you a synonym of that word as well! Wow well someone had too much cranky juice this morning!

    She clearly needs to get laid.

  • I think even a dildo would suffice.

  • I’m actually a bit amazed you post this, but then again there’s so much you can antagonize. It’s fun to send bloggers cowardly emails attacking them. Well, it’s too bad she’s not the least bit jealous of the goodness that is Brandylicious.

    It’s your blog, say whatever the fuck you want. Don’t look back in anger either. Damn that Oasis song.

  • What??? Blogs aren’t for writing about yourself? Crap…I’d better delete mine and stop inflicting it on the world.

    Oh, and where do people have time to create fake email accounts and fake names? And why would you go to the effort for one email? And hy isn’t this person spending her precious time writing her own ‘brilliant’ thoughts down?

    Clearly, there’s a lot more for me to learn, and so I’ll just have to keep reading your blog!

  • i love how she’s not going to be reading “until then”…like how is she going to know your posts are suddenly to her liking again?

    people have so much nerve.

  • UGH! Aren’t those anonymous/fake commenters COWARDS !? At least thay can have the decency to leave their REAL name and e-mail address. JEALOUS she is……and extremly immature!

    I LOVE your posts. I know you won’t change them. Clever response btw….. I should do that with my rude anonymous comments and readers. Although I doubt that it will stop obsessive unwanted visitors from reading my blog ;)

    This person is probably obsessed with your blog.

  • ~t~

    I am expecting my money to come in the mail… every comment is still worth $1.00 right… (just checking)… if you want we can plot out a paper cut murder… i can bust knee caps… or we can bring ‘Annie’ up in future blogs and torment her for eternity…
    Just let me know… I got your back…

  • ~t~

    PS I love you like I love headless green gummy bears.

  • Screw that witch. I intentionally search for blogs about people’s lives and not about politics and gossip because I get that from the newspapers anyways.
    Just yesterday I told my boyfriend about you, and although he doesn’t read blogs (tststs) I can now tell him things like “Guess what happened to Brandy today?”. He especially liked the Pink Stopwatch Lady. :)
    Let me repeat: screw that witch.

  • Seriously? You got this email? About a PERSONAL blog? Huh.

    Obviously you know to keep writing what you want. We’ll be here reading, whatever it is.

  • Amanda

    I’m back.

    Airam’s comment is actually where I was going to go this morning. Too funny.

    Ok, I’ve had time to think this over. And I’ve re-read the e-mail and your response two more times. First of all, I am so proud of your response. It was the perfect amount of snark without stooping to her level. The fact that people still e-mail a blog author to ridicule their writing makes me both laugh (because really…who does she think she is?) and “angry” and “mad” (because really…who does she think she is???). It is your blog and you should do with it what you want. I’m wondering if she (or is it a she? Maybe it’s a he and he was so cowardly that he used a fake girl’s name) has ever commented here before. And I wonder if this post will cause her (him?) to comment. Because you know she’s (he’s) reading it. You don’t send an e-mail like that and not check to see if there was a response on the blog that you now despise so much.

    Clearly, this “person” is taking the blogging thing way to seriously.

    Oh, and this:
    “…maybe it’s because I send them all money and baked goods as bribes?”
    It’s why I keep coming back. Seriously, Brandy. You are the best and I heart you very much! After we’re all done bashing “Annie” we can forget about her and go back to smelly good things and bitching about men and talking about Harry Potter. Because it IS how we roll.

  • Public Service Announcement:

    Ladies, the shift key is conveniently located on either side of your keyboard. I promise, it’s not that difficult to use.

  • Okay THAT is hilarious!

    I love how people come to your personal blog and then get cranky about how its… personal. I will never understand what makes people think they should get to dictate what you write on your blog. It’s like them trying to edit your diary or something! If you don’t wanna read it, don’t read it. No one is forcing you!

    Oh, and thanks for the baked goods.

  • I am so jealous of you, Brandy! You managed to irritate this girl (maybe?) so much that he/she took the time to set up a fake email account, and write out such a detailed criticism of you. Seriously, to inspire that kind of effort from someone is really, really remarkable.

    Screw a “Rockin Blogger Girl” award, THIS is how you know that you are a good blogger!

    My only real question is…does Annie actually read your blog? You really don’t spend a whole lot of time complaining about being single…at least I don’t think so.

  • Chica

    Oh my frickin’ LORD! I am agog, aghast, mad, and angry!! :P The only problem I have with your blog is that I always get here too late to leave a comment that hasn’t already been said by one of the other 23 or so people! I always enjoy your posts, PARTICULARLY the ones in which you talk about yourself. All my favourite bloggers talk about their own lives, isn’t that kind of… the point?

  • Go Brandy! Go Brandy!

    Man, nothing irritates the shit out of me more than people who don’t have the balls to post or write in their own names. Seriously? Grow a pair. If you have an opinion don’t be afraid to express is.

    As for Spineless Annie, f^ck her. Whatever. So you lose one reader who obviously has no respect for your blog anyway. And why would you respect a blog to begin with? I mean, seriously, it is a place to vent and get shit off your chest… you know, about the important issues like body scrubs.

    I do find her particular complaint interesting, however, If you spent half as much time bitching abotu the single life as say… the girls on Sex and the City, I doubt you’d have as many male readers, for one, and married readers.

    Some people really do need a good smash with the clue hammer.

  • I need some clarification …. what does “whinging” mean?

    “Last I cheked, independent didn’t mean complaining all the time”

    Hmmm … I suppose that this email of hers proves she’s dependent on something or someone (to whom or what I send my sincerest regrets) since that whole email is one big complaint!

    Brandy it truly is a shame that you’ve lost her as a reader because it seems she would’ve had lots of good things to contribute to the post.

    Oh and how exactly will she know if you’re writing “interesting” posts if she doesn’t come back to read your “shit”? And in that case how will she not be “reading anymore”? I guess she didn’t think that one through ….

  • Brandy, just keep doing what you’re doing!!

    Clearly there are those out there who do not appreciate creativity and fun when they read it!

  • You have your first crazy cyber stalker!! You’ve totally hit the big time.

    Just to reiterate, I LOVE your blog, and here’s why:
    1. You talk about your feelings
    2. You talk about them in a funny, ironic, slightly distant way when appropeiate and in a caring, sober way when serious
    3.You have interesting observations to share on random trends, issues, and pop culture topics
    4. You seem kind in that you post thoughtful feedback on other pple’s blogs and encourage them in their thinking
    5. You point out and share good writing by other bloggers, thereby creating a community online
    6. You know a gratuitously mean emailer when you see her, and let your readers judge her logic for themselves!

  • Wait? Your sending money and baked goods to people who leave comments? I feel left out!

    I guess it makes perfect sense that cowards who send nasty emails should be allowed to choose your topics for you. She seems so smart and all. I get these kind of emails all the time, and it kills me that people who don’t even say who they really are expect me to respect their opinion! I could see if they used their real name, told me what I was doing that was bothering them and then asked me nicely to change something (although it would have to be something really good to get me to change things I write about!) but what are people thinking? Why would a person ever listen to someone who won’t even leave their real name or write respectfully????

  • i mean im still baffled. i keep checking back, in hopes that miss (mr?) annie posts something. but right, she/he? isnt reading anymore. riiiight.

    aaron- it really bothers you, the non-use of the shift key? seriously?

  • What “Annie” doesn’t realize is that writing blogs is a sort of therapy for most of us. Or at least for me, it is. Sometimes your friends get tired of hearing about your problems in person, whether they are huge (not finding a job) or not so huge (a pina colada would taste fabulous right now!). So I resort to my blog. My friends can choose to read or not to read, but at least I’ve got it off my chest. So OBAMA! her ass and keep writing what you feel.

  • ammanners

    First – as always YOU ROCK! Hysterical and well covered. You sure law school is not in your future? You really went through that e-mail point by point very eloquently.

    Second – I want the record to reflect that as an Annie, that one was not from me!

    Third – okay I have no third but it made it seem more official and in line with the organizational scheme of the post

    Fourth – wait I got it. I disagree with Annie, like the above commenters. You actually do the opposite – you tend to celebrate and parade your singledom and independence. And besides you are hysterical (see point one) which makes everything feel good and why people keep coming back here. Mabye Annie has a disease where she does not understand funny.

  • btw… I’m still wating for my cupcakes. They must have gotten lost in the mail ;)

  • the content, syntax and complete disregard for the proper usage of CAPITAL LETTERS bears a striking resemblance to my biggest fan “Cissy” – coincidence? :)

    I think that you are fabulous and if you want to spend the next 6 months pontificating on the subtle differences between various OPI reds, I’ll be reading!

  • pam

    WTH!!?? seriously?!! Sounds like this “annie” has a little too much time on their hands. I started my blog for myself because I needed an outlet when I was in the midst of graduate school. Friends and family were tired of my whining so I felt the need to whine elsewhere. It helped me cope. If someone didn’t like it, then it’s not like I’m forcing their hand to search out my blog to read. If you don’t like it, then you can read something else…period.

    I love your blog. Don’t let that negativity bring you down. =)

  • Where do these petty and jealous busybodies come from!?

    Your response was wicked sweet…loooooved it. Every entry (I’ve read so far and I even snooped about in your archives because I couldn’t get enough ;) shows a charming wit and love for the ridiculous…all paired with your honest story-telling writing ability (and even creating catchy new slang), your blog rocks.

    …it’s why I keep coming back for another dose of Brandy–it’s all you and that’s what makes it special.

  • LOL If Annie doesn’t like reading about other people, reading blogs may not be the best avenue for her to be exploring.

    But somehow medical textbooks and books on philosophy just don’t have the same breezy and casual appeal as your blog does…

    If this is whining, keep it up my dear!

  • Angry AND mad?

    That is both superfluous and redundant.

    I wish I got e-mails like that.

  • What I think is funny (funny-slap-her-around, not funny-ha-ha) is that she assumes she’s leading a pack of people who feel the same way she does, then gives herself credit for “guts” while the imaginary chickeny people hide behind her. Then she drops the note on your doorstep, rings the bell, and runs away never to return. Yeah. That takes guts, baby.

    I’m with you: it’s your blog, you don’t have to write what other people think you should be writing. They can write their own blogs.

  • Darci


    I must say, it feels strange to actually post a comment. I happened to read some of your recent blogs today and came across the following paragraph that cut me to the quick:
    “And for my self respect, if I lost it anywhere, I lost it while on a houseboating trip while attending a 4am hotdog and ketchup party in the forest where we made sacrifices to the lake and intense shadow puppets.”
    I just wanna say…. not only did I GAIN self-respect at the Aurevior Sicamouse party but I would do it again in a heartbeat!!


    p.s… finished your b-day present, when you see it you will be baffled that it took as much work as it did.

  • Don’t call that a come-back girl… you been here for years! This is one of those times the C word is highly appropriate. And she thinks YOU’RE self centered? She obviously hasn’t gotten a load of me yet!
    I think you’re the shizz beautiful Brandy, just keep bein’ you – we love you that way.

  • Annie

    get over urselves! last time i checked, it was a free country and i could say what i wanted. if you don’t agree with me, FINE. but lots of people do, that’s all im saying.

  • Don’t let idiots like that get to you.

  • To the coward who calls herself annie, oh-please stop being delusional. And, are you really trying to justify your actions (what people? imaginary ones…?)??! You’re making yourself look worse.

    You got one thing right tho’, it is a free country so I’ll say what I want: what you’re doing is petty, rude and uncalled for.

  • I have received a few of these comments myself and all I can say is I feel very sorry for Annie, as well as all the other anonymous commenters who seem to know all about us and our lives based on snipets we write on the internet. I don’t always see eye to eye with other bloggers but I sure as heck don’t go judging them, because bottom line I haven’t walked in their shoes, so who am I to say what they should or shouldn’t be doing.

    Keep doing what you’re doing Brandy! This blog is about you!!!

  • Aw, she won’t be reading any more…aren’t we all going to miss her.

    I love your response to this, and I personally will keep reading no matter what you write about.

    By the way, I think my money/baked goods were lost in the mail. Maybe you could resend them? ;)

    PS> That is my real email address…and blog. I have no cyber secrets.

  • Hey, darlin’. I’m really only commenting because I feel sorry for you…

    Or perhaps, it’s because I adore you and your blog, from the body scrubs and the mammograms.

    Yeah… maybe that’s it.

  • How amazing is that… you give money and baked goods as bribes for reading your blog??? And I just read it because I love your style, you generally make me think about something (often with a laugh) and I find your blog inspiring!

    I’ll be coming back even without money and baked goods as bribes… Having said that, if you do manage a batch, and you can post to Australia, I love chocolate brownies or chocolate chip cookies…

  • Ruby- Thanks lady! I’m glad you appreciate the slang talk. It felt like the post needed the word OBAMA in it.

    brookem- Thank you for your nice words. It’s weird how one person can have such a distorted view… I’m trying not to let it bother me, but it just amazes me that people would even bother to say something like that, you know?

    Amanda- Ahh, I’m so much like you with the needing to come back later and comment. Sometimes I need some time to think about how exactly to think of what to say. Maybe it’s the theatre background?

    Desiree- Oh thanks! It’s part of the reason I posted it, I hate the idea of someone being able to say whatever they want and me not being able to respond. This way I got to!

    Still Searching- That’s so nice of you to say. I try to have an interesting life, at least it’s interesting to me. Despite what ‘Annie’ says, I know it’s not boring, but I can’t imagine someone actually feeling like they need to tell me it is.

    MC- I will start sending you money immediately. Do you prefer small or large bills? (And I loved your ‘that’s what she said’!)

    Airam- Something tells me sex will not fix her problem. But I definetly think it would help ;)

    egan- Sadly this isn’t the first email that Annie has sent me. I just got tired of the idea that she got to say whatever she wanted and I couldn’t say anything back. I’m not sure if I would post what she said again, but I thought it was a good reminder of what crazy sounds like. And you quoted Oasis. I like you more than ice cream.

    Ames- Yeah, I’m not sure what she qualifies as a ‘good post’. It’s funny that the people who complain are never the ones who try something themselves. Oh well, right?

    sizzlesays- I know! That’s what I was wondering. Unless she’s checking back reading, how is she going to know when I’ve finally started writing a ‘good’ post?

    appletini- Yeah… I’ve never understood the idea of sending it ‘anonymously’. Just send it, and be able to articulate what you don’t like. No one is going to take fake emails/names seriously.

    ~t~- Thanks friend. I’ve spent time replying to her email, now I don’t want to waste future posts on her. Besides, I don’t have time since I will be busy discussing my UPCOMING BIRTHDAY!!

    Katrin- Thanks for you nice words! Tell your boyfriend stopwatch lady has only been back once. And yes, she had her stop watch with her, but she didnt’ take it out. Instead she ate a sandwich while standing near the track and then left. I don’t know what her story is…

    Bre- I agree! I wholeheartedly agree!

  • Brandy, you’re my hero! There I said it.

    What is Aaron talking about with the “shift key” comment? That is one perplexing dude.

  • Jennifer- Yeah, I’m not really sure what I’m supposed to be writing about. Actually, I wasn’t aware that I was ‘supposed’ to be writing about anything for someone else… Bah. I don’t understand people.

    Amanda- Oh lady! I loved your comment. It’s funny, I was angry at first with Annie, but then, I just got frustrated because I felt she was SO wrong on so many levels. I think that’s what allowed me to keep some sense of cool and not start swearing like a sailor. Thanks for your comment though, knowing that people like you enjoy it even when I ‘complain’ makes me feel better.

    Aaron- Yeah… you wouldn’t believe how long it took me to figure that out when I first started typing…

    Yummy Sushi Pajamas- Yeah, I don’t understand that. If I don’t like a blog, or don’t understand what the person is talking about, I just don’t read it. I think people have too much time on their hands if they are able to (repeatedly) leave emails to someone dictating what they don’t like…

    AM- Oh thanks lady! Yes, I suspect taking it as a compliment is the right thing to do. I mean, Dooce is one of my favourite blogs of all time and she gets much worse (and much more!) hateful comments than me. If I can find a way to relate to her, I will!

    Chica- I’m the same way. It’s the people who discuss their personal lives on their blog that are the most entertaing to me. Because it gives me something to consider, or relate to. And good word ‘agog’… I think I need to start saying that one more often ;)

    CableGirl- “Grow a pair”. I love that line. You know, I think that’s all I should have replied to Annie with. Thanks for your nice comment!!

    Airam- Yeah, your questions where some of the same ones I had. I just don’t think some people can be figured out. And it IS a bit sad if she stops sending me psycho emails, they do give me such good material, but at the same time, crazy needs her own platform!

  • Oh, I would want to OBAMA her too!! Seriously, whose blog is it? Oh yeah…YOURS!

  • The Exception- Thank you! I plan on taking your advice and ignoring Annies.

    HippieChyck- Oh man! Thanks for your great comment! Honestly, it’s so nice to read all of these. Even if I don’t agree with Annie it’s hard to hear something negative and all of you guys have been so nice. I really appreciate it.

    tori- Um, I made chocolate pie yesterday… I should send you that. Sounds like you need some too- mean commenters are just… ugh. And you know, it’s not even when someone says something ‘mean’ that I don’t like. Because I get that everyone has a different personality, etc, but I just don’t like that it’s anonymous- or sent by a ‘fake name’ person. It just isn’t credible then. I hope your nasty commenters and mine find a hobby. Soon!

    brookem- Well, it appears that she is reading, since she left a comment. Or maybe that’s someone else who is ‘pretending’ to be Annie. I have no idea at this point. Crazy people hurt my brain.

    Trished- That’s exactly it! Sometimes writing just to write makes me feel better. And I don’t force it on anyone, so I don’t understand what her problem is…

    Anne- Oh good, I was worried it was you! ;) Just kidding. As for being a lawyer, I don’t think I would be very good. I think I would cry a lot and that might not make me look so good in front of the jury. Although, if I got to put Jack Nicholson on the stand and get him to yell out “you can’t handle the truth!”, it might be worth it. Thanks for your kind comment!

    appletini- It was a pie… you didn’t get it? ;)

    Kathryn- Ohh I DO have a lot to say about OPI (I once read this article which discussed how they come up with those clever names, it was quite entertaining). And I’m sorry you and I have had both bad luck with Cissy and Annie. Maybe they will join up with Tori’s not nice commenter and they can talk about how much they dislike us in a group? Like some sort of toxic, sad, hateful book club, minus the book.

    pam- Thanks! As I said in another comment, I’m just baffled that she acts like she was forced to read it. I mean, just don’t read it if it’s upsetting you so much. And it clearly appears to be doing that…

    Joanne- Oh thank you for your kind words! And if you do read in my archives, some post that is something you think crazy Annie would like, let me know which one it is, because I’m clearly lost trying to find what she’s talking about.

    Kyla Bea- I love that my blog has ‘breezy and casual appeal’. Thanks dude!! And yes, I don’t think reading blogs may be the best plan for Annie…

    Peter- I can create a fake name and email account and start sending some to you? Let me know. I will clear my schedule and dedicate it to judging you.

  • Swistle- Yes, the fact that she says she’s speaking for other people was something that stuck with me. As though, there’s just a whole group of people who are discussing how awful my posts are. Something tells me people have lives.

    Darci- Omigosh, a comment? From you? You’ve fallen into the trap! Just kidding. And yes, although I did say I lost my self respect that night, I would do it again in a second as well. Because nothing says good times like sleeping on ziplock bag filled with burnt hotdogs. I can’t wait to see my birthday present, but more importantly I can’t wait to see you!!

    Jasmine- You think I’m the shizz? Man. THAT just made my day! :)

    The Diva’s Thoughts- You know, even if her comments DID get me down (and I’m not saying the did…) it would be impossible to still feel bad about it after reading all the fantastic and supportive comments everyone else has left!

    Joanne- Ugh. Adding to the things I don’t understand, why does Annie come back and leave a comment after she said she wasn’t reading anymore? Too much drama.

    kb- Yeah, that’s what I think too. It’s crazy how many people have told me about getting nasty comments themselves, who would think to do that? Well, I mean, besides people like Annie.

    Cheryl- Ohhhh I will defintely be re-sending all the baked goods and envelopes of cash to you again. Do you have a preference on baked good? Pie? Cookie? Cake? An elaborate strudel?

    Brillig- Thanks dude. I’m glad there’s someone out there who fully appreciates a good mammogram story. :)

    Jacinta- Well, after your nice comment I feel like you defintely deserve some baked goods. I’m actually working on improving my chocolate chip cookie skills, so if I ever make a batch without burning them, I will let you know!

    egan- I know. Shift key? That just blew my mind. And I love that I’m your hero today. I needed to be someones.

    Michelle- Exactly!! Oh I love that other people feel that Annie needs a good OBAMA’ing. Right to her solar plexus. Or ovaries.

  • Everyone- And now that I’ve finished responding to your kind comments, I need to send some out of my own. My google reader is scary again, but I will do my best. Oh, and I promise I will use my real name and address when commenting. :)

  • Small Bills are just fine. Makes it easier to hand out to people randomly! You DO need to check out my answers to your Big 5….that’s what she said…dammit, it’s just so addictive!!! ;-)

  • Nevermind…you just did can delete these 2 comments…
    Thanks for visiting….

  • Amanda

    Hee hee…you know what I totally just got with your post? The title. Annie get your thesaurus…Annie Get Your Gun. I’m ashamed since I was the assistant stage manager for AGYG when we did it at our community theatre a year ago.

  • Wow. So is there an entire group of readers somewhere that is planning a revolt against your blog? That’s pretty cool. Do you think I’d have to start blogging daily to gain this sort of popularity?

    On another note, I think you need my address because I’ve not received a single cookie!

    p.s. I’m guessing Annie is 19 or younger since she uses “words” like “cuz.” She must really be busy and important to have to resort to such shortcuts. Also, this reminds me of that song by Michael Jackson…”Annie, are you o.k.?” Obviously not.

  • MC- I think we were commenting at the same time. Whoo shivers.

    Amanda- Yes, that is what I was thinking of when I typed it up. It’s pretty random and I wasn’t expecting anyone to get it, but when I think “Annie”, I think “Annie Get your Gun!”. Then Anne of Green Gables, THEN the musical Annie. Lastly, I think of Annie Lebowitz. And yes, that was vital to share.

    Ally- Oh dear Ally, I’m not sure. I suspect that this Annie dislikes me enough that if I only posted once a year she would find something wrong with it. Althoguh, if you want people to email you, I can try and get Annie to start up on you? ;) Also, I liked your Michael Jackson bit, and I agree. I do not think Annie is okay.

  • Shivers indeed. Jinx…you owe me a coke, or whatever the kids say…

  • Wow.
    And she even comes back to doll out the “It’s a free country” line.

    Remember, Brandy, you are supposed to ask us all for those detailed feedback forms on how to best improve your blog to suit our needs. I’m still waiting for my cookies in the mail– and my post on how to can peaches, as I clearly asked for two months ago. None of this boring stuff about you!

    This has obviously been brewing in her for a while. I hope she at least feels a little catharsis for all her hard work!

  • Hey, bring the other post that you had prepared. There are people that want to read it, you know…
    And yes, thanks for the money and the baked goods. :P
    God, some people… It is your blog, man! Sheesh…

  • Ugh, I feel ya on the “brave” yet anonymous emails! Sometimes they just irk you and sometimes they’re so ridiculous you wonder if a seven year old didn’t do the typing.
    Obvisouly, Annie is a tool. But we already knew that.

  • Oh, and one other thing…. I have NOT received any cookies. What’s wrong with this picture? :)

  • Even if you stop sending me all those delicious baked treats, I would still comment on your blog. Because you rock. And you like The Office. And Harry Potter. And the Babysitters Club. And shoes. Need I go on?

    Who cares if Annie stops reading? We didn’t want her negative attitude around here, anyway. Have a great weekend!

  • Okay, so this makes for comment number 67, it appears that your dear friend Fake Annie has spawned quite the conversation.

    …and I believe this why you said when commenting on my blog that you’d just as soon not blog for money…you own the blog, and you don’t write just to get comments (not that the comments aren’t nice:Þ).

    Keep on doing what you do and being who you are…and it’s e-mails like those that make me so glad I know just where to find the delete button!

  • LMAO — I GOT IT !!!! she’s your psycho running stalker!!! not only does she stalk you on the track, but she stalks you on the net too!!!

  • I’m not saying anything new here – but just wanted to state for the record that I adore your blog. And it is in fact YOURS- write whatever you want. If people no likey- people no read-ey…
    (somehow that sounded more clever in my head that it looks in print :P)

  • egan

    Who is this Annie chick? What the fuck is up her ass? Sure it’s a free country, but maybe you recall the lesson from mom about not having anything nice to say? Oh well, I get the feeling you don’t give a shit. You could always hit the “next blog” button instead.

  • Um, do we have to be named “Annie” to participate?

  • Wow – I haven’t been much up to date with the blogs I usually read, so I may have missed a few things, but I’ve just done a quick skip back over the last few posts and I’m curious about what blog Annie is reading. Is it definitely yours?

    We bloggers, by virtue of the fact that we have blogs, talk about ourselves. Our lives. Our woes. I don’t know about you, but for me its pretty much the reason I have it. Free therapy and putting my shit out there in the hopes that someone will read it and get it in a way that my immediate social circles don’t.

    You have lots of commenters and we read because we like your style. Because we empathise. We even care!

    If you want to blog about being hung up on a guy, or how shitty it is being mid-twenties and single go for it. For me, its really nice to feel like someone else is going through it too. I don’t think it makes us any less independent. I don’t think independence is about saying “fuck the world, fuck guys, I’m a single woman.” Independence is about living your life without relying on anyone else, but that doesn’t mean you can’t want to things. You want to whine? Rock on honey, its your blog.

    As for the notion of this person not sending from their own email address, I’d place no worth in their comments. If it was someone who wanted to offer positive criticism they wouldn’t hide.

    The real plus point to it is that you didn’t have to put too much thought into a post. We all love a “You will not fucking believe the email I got from some asshole reader” post!

  • You are so dedicated. I love that you responded to each and every comment (even from the same person). Just felt like that needed to be said. =)

  • MC- I don’t like coke, but I do love rootbeer….

    Princess Pointful- Oh yes, the canned peaches post is defintely on the way (this is right after I scour the internet to learn how to can myself). And the feedback forms are a great idea. Because then, I won’t have to think of a single idea on my own, but instead will just get everything from you guys. Genius!!

    Bungi- Thanks lady, I’m glad at least some of you are getting the cheques I keep sending out! :)

    justrun- Hmm, check your mailbox again, because they should be there! As for Annie, yes, I think the word ‘tool’ fits quite nicely.

    Beth- Oh thank you lady! And I’m glad that my love for BSC and The Office is what is keeping me in your good books! Can’t wait for season 3 to come out on DVD (The office that is, not the babysitters club…)

    Sarah- Yes, the delete button and I have gotten quite close lately. What would a blogger do without it??

    question girl- You know, it would be a relief if she was my running mate (can I call her my running mate if she never actually… runs??) . At least I would be killing two birds with one stone in a way. The idea that I’ve attracted two different types of crazy in the last month is a bit upsettting!

    Princess of the Universe- I loved your comment, (and can totally relate to the idea of thinking something is going to sound different than what it appears typed). I’m glad that you enjoy it!

    egan- Yeah Annie… I don’t know. I really don’t. I suspect though, that Annie has a lot more problems than my blogging style…

    Beth- I couldn’t agree more! i think lots of times people confuse “independence” with a lot of other words, most of which I would never want to be called. As for the grammar error, consider it done! ;)

    Joanne- Well thanks. Although, I’ve been a bit slow on the responding, I always like it when people respond to the comments I leave, so I try to do the same. Although, if I’m late getting started, sometimes it gets overwhelming and I skip a post. And thanks for your great comments, it’s nice to know that not everyone thinks like Annie.

  • Where can i sign up for this “money and baked goods” program?

  • You haven’t sent me any baked goods – should I feel unloved?

    Brandy, get your gun. If people are going to bitch and moan about your blog via email, they should always have the decency to leave a real name. It weakens the case when they don’t.

    Brilliant rebuttal!

  • the patient- Well, you left a comment, so expect something in the mail shortly! ;)

    Rosanna- Oh man, the baked goods should be there soon! Keep checking your mail. As for anonymous junk, yeah… I’ve said it before but a comment loses credibility when people can’t attach their name to it. Oh well, what can you do?

  • I feel kind of sorry for people like Annie. Apparently, she doesn’t realize that she can stop reading something if she doesn’t like it.

  • Some days I feel like Ron Weasley.

  • Oh, shit. That’s just stupid. But then I find that those who complain about other people whinging and whinging about certain things, are really venting and whinging about the own imperfections in their lives.

    Or is it lifes?

  • thethinker- Me too lady, me too! I wish someone would have told her she didn’t have to keep reading. Maybe a gun was at her head and she was forced?

    egan- Some days I feel like Lupin. (And can I just say I get really excited every time you make an HP reference? You’re doing it Egan, you’re doing it!- and THAT was my extra subtle “Hook” reference. Man I love that movie)

    WLFG- Hmm, I think it’s “lives” but I have no idea. And I’m with you- I know that when I complain about other people it’s only because I’m finding fault with myself somewhere. Whoa. That’s deep for a Monday morning.

  • Something about Ron makes me relate. Must be the big family and his crappy hand-me-downs. We’re referring to Anna as Scabbers because of the noises she makes.

  • She’s making sounds like a rat? This is a bit worrisome Egan.

  • seriously– someone needs to look blog up in the dictionary.

  • Annie – seriously… a life, get one

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  • shana

    It’s self-explanatory. I think Annie’s upset on something (prob. “her personal issue”) she took out her resentment on you this way because she may not found her life matched to your story. She had probably intuitively expressing her complaint without her eyes open.
    I have to say, criticism is positive as long you put them up in healthy words.
    P.S. : I don’t give up my real email address in order to awid risk of getting spams (junk e-mails)

  • citygyrli

    wow…again, I know, this is super late, but after reading I felt the need to completely DITTO everything eveyone has said here, because you are awesome! and singlehandedly responsible for me starting a blog…so TAKE THAT ANNIE!

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