I’m freaking out right now. And I know I shouldn’t be, but look at this . Does it remind you of anything? Like say, the POST I WROTE TWO DAYS AGO? I’m not a member of myspace, so I don’t think it will let me comment, but seriously. Who rips someone off? And more importantly, who rips off a SURVEY??? I’m so angry right now.

UPDATE: So, I just finished responding to all your comments but something happened and now they are all gone. And because I don’t have the minutes in this hour to go back and re-do them all, I’m just going to update here. Many of you asked how I found out. When I’m falling behind reading (which, I’ve been for.. oh, the last month), I will sometimes put my blog address in a technorati search engine. Then, I will alternate between reading all the posts in my google reader and all the blogs that link to mine (because I haven’t updated my Google reader since 1974). I thought technorati just showed you the blogs that linked to yours, and anytime you’ve been tagged, but it also apparently shows you any post that is largely your own that someone else has copied and pasted. (In fact, if you put my blog address in, and scan down the list, you can see parts of what she took still). So there you have it. As for why someone would do this, I’m not even going to attempt to think about it. It’s like trying to understand why people leave their dogs in cars with the windows rolled up on hot days, or why singers go on stage in ass-less chaps . My brain doesn’t compute stupidity.

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  • Man, this has been happening EVERYWHERE lately. Sad, isn;t it? Flattering, but really sad.

  • wanderlusting- Sad fits the bill. I mean, it would still be annoying but more understandable if they actually ripped off a good post instead of me talking about wearing tall girl shoes. What the hell is wrong with people?

  • And under “3 things you should listen to” she says “the bible”. I’m pretty sure the bible is anti-stealing. And this is stealing.

  • Uh, WTF????? How does someone even try and do that in all seriousness? How did you find it? Now I’m gonna be paranoid every time I post!!! Let’s go to Tulsa for a little ‘talking to.’

  • Wow, that’s so low and makes me so mad, mad, mad! Did the person think just because it’s a list, it’s not personal and belongs to somebody else? I’m glad you discovered it, but how’d you find it?

  • ~t~

    another reason why i am scared of blogging. nothing serious i will get over it maybe. i got your letter… greatest letter ever. i have so many comments… woooot! anyway, i agree with Michael C that we need to make a trip to Tulsa…

  • It’s rather easy to copy and paste shit into MySpace. Look at you creating enemies Brandy. I’m very impressed.

  • For some reason it doesn’t take me to her profile but yeah that is shitty. Well in any case all your readers know we’ll read it here first. That bitch.

  • it doesnt take me there either. but holy hell, do you want me to lay the smack down on someone brandy? im tough like that. and ill wopp (wup?) some ass, for you.

  • Bre

    I’m guessing it must be down by now – but that sucks big time! Do you have a Creative Commons associated with your blog? It doesn’t make people NOT steal, but at least you can use legal terminology if they do

  • It IS down by now. But it was ridiculous. Ask MC, she even had copied and pasted my favourite shows and episodes. If you can’t think of your own favourite full house episode, I don’t think I want to know you.

  • i once had a person rip off my PERSONALS ad on line. didn’t even bother changing a word of it. pissed me off!

  • Who the hell steals survey answers?

    That is ca-razy.

    Should I be insulted that nobody steals my blog posts?

  • I saw this last night when you posted but i was too stunned to come back here and comment. she didn’t even change ‘the showerhead’ anwser! that’s the one that struck me most b/c i would venture that she has not showered under all the same showerheads you have!

  • have had that happen, too – totally sucks

    not to mention really, really stupid

  • It’s quite pathetic. How did you happen to stumble upon this without having a MySpace account?

  • armalicious

    Too bad it’s already gone. I could have gone crazy on the person for you since I have a MySpace account. I can’t believe the nerve of some people Stupids.

  • In my books being able to comment on that would be a great reason to join myspace, and to flag it as plagiarisms to the myspace mods.

  • Hey Brandy, me again….someone had emailed me a few weeks ago to say this person had stolen my writing (ten stupid things women do to mess up their lives) …. http://blog.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=blog.ListAll&friendID=154702491

    is it the same person? This person has apparently gotten kicked offbefore. You can report her to myspace and they will get rid of her, but only the blog author may do so…..lets get her!

  • Lots of time and energy is being wasted on this. I want to read about Pink and shit.

  • nic

    Completely fucked up. I’m trying to figure out what her thought process must have been there, “like, I think I’ll use this one because it was really good and I, like, want people to think I’m really clever and stuff.” What an idiot. I mean, what’s the point of writing and posting stuff like this if it isn’t YOURS?

    As we say around the office, “she fails at life.”

  • I clicked on it and it isn’t there anymore… that is so incredibly wrong!!

    Obviously she lacks any bit of creativity.

    I’ve had this happen with my blog too… a person I will not reveal here, copied one of my posts too.

    You know… they say those who copy are envious of those who create! At least we are the creators!!

  • She either pulled herself offline or they kicked her out…probably the first one. But I did read this last night and in the version I saw she only stole part of your answers…however, the ones she left were very obviously yours from the original post. Messed up either way!

  • Too late! The page doesnt open (thank God I read some of the comments and realized its not just me – I was wondering what I am supposed to look at!)… but yes, this is a big issue, and I know couple of other popular bloggers who have had to deal with this…. I think one of them used a way so that people could not right-click on her webpage, so could not copy anything (ofcourse ctrl+c didnt work either!)… not sure how she did it though, so cant help you much there.

  • Maybe the girl was “Annie”… ?

  • I was too late, too, but YICK. It makes me so nervous.

  • Yeah, I have a creative commons license on my page too…it makes me feel slightly less paranoid and perhaps too idealistically hopeful that ppl who steal others’s will be less likely to do so.

  • This also gives you a warning banner to put on your side bar: http://www.copyscape.com/

    It’s also useful to see if there’s any duplicate of your site on other sites. =)

  • Wow. That is so dirty. How did you actually find it?

  • HippieChyck- I know!!!

    MC- Ohh a “talking to” in quotes. That sounds serious. Busting kneecaps and taking names, would probably be in order. Seriously though, I have no idea why someone would do this. Lame.

    Joanne- Trying to understand the thinking process behind this would likely drive me mad. It’s the same sort of thing when I try to imagine what goes through someone’s head when they leave their dog in their car with the windows rolled up on a hot day. My brain just doesn’t compute stupidity. As for how I found it, if I’m really behind on my reading, I will put my blog address in a technorati search engine and alternate between reading the blogs that linked to me and my google reader. I thought technorati just showed me what was linked to me, or anytime I get tagged, but apparently if someone has copied and pasted large chunks of your post, it will come up as well.

    t~- Glad you got the letter. I told you I would send it eventually. I tried really, really hard not to tell you about it (or that I sent it) because I wanted it to be an actual surprise when you got the monster in the mail.

    Egan- See, knowing that you are impressed at my enemy making ability does make me feel better about this whole thing. Thanks Egan.

    Airam- Yeah… I’m not really sure what people are thinking about when they go ahead and do something like this… oh well. I’m working on thinking of the positive of this situation, so…. at least it was apparently entertaining enough to copy and paste. That’s something… right??!

    brookem- The idea of you going to Tulsa to wup ass for me is heartwarming. Seriously. That’s so much nicer than anything Hallmark could come up with.

    Bre- I have one now, but I’m going to look into them some more. It’s silly, but I think I will feel better having one. Although, I know if someone really wants to steal your work, they will regardless of what you have posted.

    Sizzle- Seriously??? that’s insane. INSANE.

    Peter- If you want I can start stealing from you?

    Ruby- Thanks for the link lady! As for the answers, yeah…the showerhead one was weird but I thought the fact that 2 out of her 3 favourite television shows being the same as mine where weird. And the fact that she copied and pasted my favourite episodes. Dude, seriously??

    Kathryn- I know. It almost makes me as mad as Telus makes me. Almost. (And as a fellow Canadian, I know that you understand that gravity of that statement)

    Egan- I sometimes put my blog address in a technorati search engine when I’m really behind in my reading. I hate it when people tag me for things and I read it 2 months later…

    Armalicious- Whoo if it happens again, you will be the first person I contact. I suspect you would be great at leaving a comment that would scare the hell out of someone and stop them from doing this again! :)

    Kyla Bea- I’m now a member of myspace, only so I can leave comments if I ever get people who copy my stuff again. Ugh. What a waste of time!!

    Wanderlusting- Nope, not the same girl. My girl was from Tulsa 9or so said her profile) and her name was Angel.

    Egan- There has been no interesting Pink development. Perhaps though, I will post about how I dodged an old schoolmate and hid behind a bin of $9 sneakers.

    Nic- “She fails at life” might just be my new favourite line.

    A life uncommon- Did you confront the person? What happened?? And I know what you are saying, I’m trying to find the flattery in this stealing, but the rage keeps overtaking it! :)

    Crystal- Agreed. Regardless if she stole the whole post, or half of it, it’s still stealing. There’s no way it wasn’t directly taken from my site. I mean, she even had the introduction I had about how I got tagged to do it when the Earth was flat, etc.

    Still Searching- I’ve seen blogs that have the no copy/paste function. I don’t know if I would ever move to that though. I know sometimes when I’m commenting on other people’s sites I like being able to copy and paste some of what they said that I really loved into my comment section. We shall see what happens though…

    Katrin- Ohhh the plot thickens. Although, something tells me it’s not. Annie doesn’t spell as well as the girl who stole from me.

    Swistle- Yeah, I defintely know what you mean.

    Joanne- thanks Lady! I’m going to check it out.

    Princess Pointful- I put my blog site address into a technorati search engine (to see if I had missed any tags!) and it came up.

  • Uh, what’s a google reader? I hear about it all the time, but sadly, am clueless.

  • People are so lame – it’s not enough that they can’t blog themselves but to steal someone’s commentary?? Idiots I say……

  • I’ll tell you, it’s happened to me a lot. Many sites read in RSS feeds, make the post look like their own, and rip you completely. I’ve found sites linking into my travel blog completely ripping my content over the past year.

    Sorry it’s happened with you as well.

  • Wow, that sucks! Why would someone do that? I guess it’s a compliment, huh?

  • Do you still have a bittersweet taste in your mouth? I say forge on young lady and show the world your awesomeness. Hike up that skirt a little more. Ugh, my bad.

  • Whoa. Seriously, THAT would be enough reason for me to sign up onto Myspace and confront the little plagiarist.

  • Sooo. my comment went to spam but I found it. Yahoo!!

    MC- Google reader is amazing and will change your life. Actually, it’s just a tool that helps you organize what the hell you are reading. If you are interested further, let me know. Or google, google reader and it will come up.

    Princess Extraordinaire- I agree!! Idiot fits perfectly.

    Rich- Isn’t it frustrating?!? Thanks for stopping by and I’m sorry it happened to you as well.

    Appletini- I guess you could look at it like that.

    Egan- Wait, are you attempting to quote Dave Matthews on my blog and doing it badly? For shame Egan, for shame! Although, I do appreciate the word ‘forge’. I suspect it’s the next thing the cool cats will be saying.

    Michelle- I know, and I agree. So I did. :)

  • OKay, I’m way late to this party, but I just had to chime in with a “HOLY CRAP THAT’S SO MESSED UP!!!” Yikes.

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  • Hi,

    Not sure if you want to go this route but any half-assed copyright attorney would get that site shut down in a matter of weeks. It’s plain ol’ copyright infringment.

    Consider that imiatation is the sincerest but most frustrating and certainly illegal form of flattery.

    Somehow, even though she’s copied yours, yours are still much funnier. Go figure.

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