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I have a lot to say lately. On politics, on the new Sex and the City movie (dear lord, it’s about time I started talking about that), on coconuts vs. pumpkins and on first dates. On books I’ve just finished (and loved!), on Sarah Michelle Gellar, on the one reason I picked up the phone and called someone I hadn’t called. In. Years.


Instead of all these thoughts coming out in lovely, 3-D Technicolor (similar to falling into a pensieve, I imagine) easy to read and even easier to write posts, they are rolling around muddled together, each story running into the next. Last night I dreamt *Obama and Charlotte were fighting over a sailor Halloween costume ( I blame you Ally) and I didn’t know what to do so I started crying and eating those really horrible witches tooth candies that I absolutely detest. So, I’m doing something even better than posting a mixed up and confusing entry that I will absolutely declare makes sense (even though, I assure you it will not. It will be like, the **Clockwork Orange of all post entries) . I’m going to share with you a list of a posts that I’ve really enjoyed reading this fall. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do (because yes, I’m a girl who goes back and re-reads. Ever wonder who that nut was in your sitemeter? Yeah. It’s me). Have a great weekend!

Note: To make it easier for me you, I linked right to the post I love, love, love.

1. My Pen Ran Out of Ink- So, I can’t link to the specific post I re-read like a crazy person, but if you scroll down the main page, it’s there. It’s called “Street Psychics and Broken Hearts”.

2. Yummy Sushi Pajamas- If you’ve been following along, you know that recently Heather has been going through difficult times, more difficult than one can imagine possible but her spirit and her love for her family amaze me. And will amaze you.

3. I sometimes read posts where people write of their love of running and it always sounds so easy. They will throw out the line “I ran 21 miles this morning and then took my kids to the grocery store. Can you believe Christmas decorations are out already?”, and I find myself almost collapsing. Not at the idea that elves are out when fall coats are still in, but at the idea that anyone could run that much and not add the sentence with an exclamation point. If I ever accomplished such a feat it would look something like this: “I RAN 21 MILES TODAY!! I AM A ROCKSTAR! BOW DOWN TO ME!”, or something similar and gleeful. I liked this post by Justrun, who writes of writing in a way that’s refreshingly honest. That it’s a sometimes a struggle. That not everyday is going to be the best run of your life, that sometimes you just want a cheeseburger.

4. E.b. usually makes me hungry with her constant pictures of food that looks like it should be gracing the cover of Bon Appetit. This post however, made me giggle. Because who doesn’t love a girl who keeps it honest about yoga?

5. Sometimes I annoy myself by writing about easier topics, avoiding issues that might spark debate (or just bring Annie out from hiding), Egan knows this. He took a stance and shared a thoughtful post on a topic I don’t see many bloggers tackling. It leaves you with a lot to think about, regardless of you personal position.

6. I’ve emailed this one to a few of you. Jurgen found some of the words I had been searching for.

7. Do you judge yourself? Feel bad for that last extensive bout of retail therapy? Read this by Ally and re-consider if your stance.

8. I’ve mentioned it before, but I do love reading “Real Word Wednesdays” by Pink Cereal and Raspberries. Her topics are relevant, her posts have facts and it’s said in a simple way that it’s easy to read. I commend any blogger who can make me want to read about fossil fuels. And she does.

9. The ending of this post is one of my favourites. Ever. It left me thinking, it left me satisfied. Everything was said, nothing more, nothing less. And the best part? What was said was written beautifully. Theory of thought hit the nail on the head. I can’t link write to the post, but scroll down on the main page and read “Dear Admissions Officer”.

10. The lovely brookem makes me laugh often, and is the only girl I know who I’ve drank beer while typing to (with?). This post shows how honest she is and how much we share in common with our inability to properly post pictures. For one that warmed my heart, read this.

11. Airam has been asking more thought provoking questions than Anderson Cooper lately. This post made me think- not just about myself, but about everyone I see daily. It was thoughtful and insightful. Read it.

There’s honestly so many more out there that I enjoy, but I’m trying to keep this post shorter than the unabridged version of Anna Karenina. Comments are not needed, save your mad typing skills to leave comments on all these bloggers sites (Did I just save you from carpal tunnel syndrome? Feel free to send me a present.)

And yes, the pensieve mention was just for you Arm.

* Feel free to send me your analysis of this dream via email.
** Clockwork Orange is perhaps the worst movie to watch when you are drunk and fooling around. Honestly. It happened many years ago, but I’m still scarred. Once that movie started, the poor boy didn’t have a chance. Which is too bad, because he was cute. Sigh.

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  • You’re amazing. Thanks for the link.

  • I know that “pensieve” comment was for Arm mainly but I loved it too! And thank you for the shout out … coming from someone who always makes me think, laugh or cry (or sometimes all at the same time) I take it as a huge compliment!

  • [...] Check it out! While looking through the blogosphere we stumbled on an interesting post today.Here’s a quick excerptLast night I dreamt *Obama and Charlotte were fighting over a sailor Halloween costume ( I blame you Ally) and I didn’t know what to do so I started crying and eating those really horrible witches tooth candies that I absolutely detest. … [...]

  • I really love when you share like this. I will check out some of the other posts because I’ve already read mine a few times and stuff. Have a good Friday.

  • cdp

    Oh yay, lots of fun stuff to read. Brooke makes me laugh too. And that Ally is one smart lady.

    Happy Friday!

  • I loved reading the past posts and read other people’s blogs – thansk for this post it made me smile and laugh…..and I think you made it under Anna Karenina by about 10 pages – xoxo

  • nic

    Thanks for sharing these…I’m always on the look out for new stuff to read. Especially on lonely nights when I can’t sleep or on boring afternoons at work. :)

  • Did Charlotee obama him over the head to get the costume?

    What did you think of The Office last night? I was laughing out loud when Michael said that he would ask the PowerPoint!

  • Am I the biggest nerd ever that clicks on her own damn link just to be sure I’m thinking of the right post? Nice.

    Thanks, though and thanks even more for the others! I needed some more good reading.

  • Ooooh, thanks for the linkiness. Lovely blog you have here!


  • hey thanks for sharing this my friend. and the linkylove of course.
    also, i have some questions for you satc related. oh, and do you want to make a trip to mass in may when the movie comes out and see the movie with 6 women and my male cousin who is obsessed with the show as well? just wondering. you know, we could stop off for a visit in ri too.

  • I love it when you link other talented bloggers… it’s great to get leads on fun reads.

    Sorry for not stopping by very often lately… will be catching up with you soon!!!

    And E.b. totally should have her pics on some awesome Bon Appetite mag or something… that girl has talent!

  • I look forward to reading all of these. Darnedest thing though, I didn’t find any by, um, well, not sure how to say this…me.


  • Wow, I can’t even begin to imagine what that dream is about. But it w as highly entertaining to read about. I also can’t wait to read the many things you’re waiting to write about.

  • ohhowlovely

    I came across your blog by search “flats” or something of the like. I’m kind of in love with your blog now and thought you might like to know.

    Ew. That sounds kind of creepy but whatever.

  • So, moseying over to your blog this morning, what should I find but a link to my own post (which, like justrun, I had to click on to make sure I had the post right :p). Thanks for the shout-out and the encouragement!

  • Oh, I just love it when bloggers link – thank you. You have picked some beauties.

  • Another great post and a treat to read some of your faves and to share the links. There are some truly amazing people out there!

  • hi there,
    i tried to leave a comment on your buzz front page, but buzz would not let me. don’t know why. welcome to the buzz. it is nice and cozy here. i have been impressed with so many kind people here. come and visit anytime. my light is always on. blessings, kathleen in anchorage alaska :)

  • Yes! I love leaving the comments this long!!

    YSP- Ahh, I’m pretty sure it’s you who is amazing my dear. Keep on keeping on. I’m wishing you well.

    Airam- You are welcome, and you completely deserve it! Your blog is well written and talks about issues/events that I care about. Thanks for doing such a great job, it’s always a treat to read!

    egan- I emailed you asking about something. Stop being a great dad/husband/popular blogger and email me back stat. Actually, it’s not stat worthy, I just wanted to say ‘stat’. Have a good Sunday.

    cdp- Yes, they are some great ladies, that’s for sure!!

    PE- Thanks for stopping by! I do really enjoy linking to other bloggers occasionally, I’m glad everyone likes it too.

    Nic- You are welcome, I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

    Beth- The dream is getting hazy now, I think I need to be one of those people who has a dream journal. As for the Office, I loved it!
    Michael throwing his coat on Pam because he just watched ‘the devil wears prada’ had me giggling. I have to say though, I am glad that it’s going back to a half hour next week. The hours shows are great, but there are just so many more laughs in the half hour ones. And did you know that Schrute farms is really on trip advisor??

    justrun- It’s funny, but I always do that too- click on something that links to me just to make sure it’s me. And the weirdest part? I’m always surprised. Like, ‘oh wow! IT’s my blog!’ even when I know it’s going to be. See? Weird.

    Claire- Thank you for stopping in!

    brookem- A stopover in Rhode?? I’m thinking about it. Seriously. I’m thinking about it.

    A life uncommon- No worries, lady, people get busy! Thanks for stopping by and I do agree about E.B- talent is there!

    MC- Ahh yes. I was waiting for someone to point out that they weren’t included. It would appear that a linking post is not complete without one person letting me know I missed them. ;)

    Cheryl- It was nuts. I had another dream about Obama last night. Although in this one, we just chatted about popcorn and how hard it was to string up on a tree at Christmas because his cats liked to eat it. Why can’t I dream something… more… steamy?!!

    ohhowlovely- Thanks for saying that. I always wonder if people who come here looking for something completely different ever stay and read or if they just go back to searching. At least I know that ONE person stayed to read!

    Sarah- You are welcome! I really enjoy reading your blog. Keep it up

    Rosanna- I love it when people link too, there’s just so many great people to share.

    Jacinta- Agreed! I hope you enjoy them!

    so grateful…- Hmm. The buzz page isn’t working?? I should look into this. Thanks for telling me, and thanks for stopping by!

  • Thanks for posting this; I enjoyed reading some new blogs and perspectives, especially Yummy Sushi Pajamas and Egan’s.

    And as confused as I was watching a Clockwork Orange completely sober, I can only imagine how horrible it would be drunk–or even worse high. Now that could cause some funky dreams:)

    p.s. I hope Charlotte won the fight b/c Obama would look hideous in that costume.

  • And I so wanted that not to be me. I really had previously thought I was above that. Oops. Guess not. Oh well, back to the bounce house…

  • Ally- Yeah! They are two great reads, I’m glad you enjoyed them. As for who won the battle, I honestly don’t remember. I’m hoping Charlotte did too, because really, that would not work with Obama. And I think it would screw his chances of president, so I mean, there’s that to think about…

    MC- How is your hiatus treating you?

  • The sincerity of some bloggers is incredible. Thanks for the links to some new bloggers!

  • It’s treating me all hiatusey and stuff. I do miss the daily interaction with the world’s truly great bloggers such as yourself…

  • awwwwwwww I am so flattered. You’re the fricken best.

  • i said rhode island because i knew that had the potential to hook you! yes, you SHOULD seriously consider it. i mean, im not fooling around. im as serious as spencer was when he thought it would be a nice surprise to spray paint the wall for heidi.

  • k

    hi! you posted on my blog a while back – when i was taking a break after a breakup. well i am back – both writing and reading (your archives will provide wonderful procrastination when i am supposed to be working on my thesis). i’m looking for some book recomendations – so i do want to hear what you’ve recently read, and loved.

  • Lisa- You’re welcome. Enjoy them!!

    MC- Keep the flattery coming. Maybe next time you will get on the list. Kidding friend…

    Jasika- I had to include you- your stuff is fantastic!

    brookem- Ahh i love that you know how much of a draw r.i. is for me! I’m going to email you about this.

    k- Awesome! Glad you are back. I’m a part of a book blog (Book me in on my blogroll) if you want to see some of our current reads. Anyway, I will writing about good books later this week hopefully!

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