I get low with strangers on the dance floor

Ten Things I’ve Done Since The School Year Has Ended & I’ve Become An Unemployed Rockstar

(aka A Brief Review of the last week which has prompted me to become a dancing fool- reminiscent of my tender youth, complete with a renewed appreciation for embarrassing drinks- such as the monkey’s lunch)

1. Marveled at how kind you all are. The comments and emails from my this post have blown me away. It was a horrible day and I wrote without honestly expecting the feedback I got, but each comment, email, phone call really made a difference. I may have actually broken out the kleenex at one point while hearing from all of you. I award you each 1000 extra karma points and a huge thank you.

2. Said goodbye to Mini-Walter. It wasn’t the hug that made me cry. It wasn’t the note he put on my desk that made me cry. It was when he methodically took out each of his favourite stickers from his sticker book and handed them to me with watery eyes (along with his prized gold and red toy car), that I started chewing on my bottom lip. I’m going to miss him far more than he realizes. Far more than I realized.

3. Went wedding dress shopping with my recently engaged friend. I can now distinguish between diamond white, white, pearl, cream, and ivory. If “shades of white” is ever a category on Jeopardy! when I’m a contestant, my competition is going to be in serious, serious trouble.

4. Sweated. A lot.

5. Taught 30 Columbians who spoke no English how to do the jig. My lovely friend (mentioned in #3) and I also taught them how to two-step. They taught us just how much fun you can have being in the center of a large dancing circle “going low”. We spent hours wiping away sweat doing that crazy one arm pumping, eyes closed dancing you do when you are young and full of alcohol energy. The kind of maniac dancing that beats any cardio work out in the gym. We kissed and hugged goodbye, and although we couldn’t understand each other, some things like dancing, drinking and singing- transcend language. Best night out ever. Hands down.

6. Bought the new Jen Lancaster book. Which? I dislike. Just like the other ones. (I feel I may get heat for this- I know a lot of you really love her writing but I just can’t get on board. AT ALL.)

7. Attempted to find a dress for the wedding I’m MC’ing on Saturday. I’m fairly confident I’d have an easier time finding the Holy Grail than finding a dress that isn’t overly skimpy, or doesn’t make me look like I’m in my third trimester. (Why are all the summer dresses empire waisted? I’m 5″2. I cannot pull that look off. I need to grow another foot or swallow green goop and mutate into a giraffe before I could make that dress look graceful).

8. Often wondered what day it was. This is the beauty of being currently unemployed. The days blend together and I often am confused as to why there isn’t more people out dancing with gregarious Columbians, drinking milky concoctions (that will later leave you SICK- because milk is never supposed to be mixed with alcohol.). Then someone reminds me that it’s a Monday night and most people have to work the next day. And then I wipe the smug grin off my face and order another drink of milky death goodness and continue dancing like I’m having a seizure.

9. Bought this.

10. Rocked the Whoorl no clamp curling iron style to many compliments. I highly suggest you all check it out. It may change your life. My hair looked so fantastic, there should have been a parade in it’s honor. And I don’t take parade throwing lightly- my hair was just that awesome.

Happy Canada Day!

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  • Is sweated a word? :P

    You forgot 11. Be awesome!

  • freeandflawed-Wordpress told me ‘sweated’ wasn’t a word, but google said it was and I ALWAYS trust google over wordpress. As for #11, I like it!

  • wait. I thought you were tall? you’re 5’2? Why are you in search of tall girl shoes then?

    Everything is off for me now. My sense of relativity is skewed. You’re so not who I thought you were, Brandy. :)

  • I guess what I meant is that tall girl shoes was meant as in perfect shoes for a tall girl.


  • Slightly Disorganized- Sadly, I am not tall. My quest for the perfect ‘tall girl shoe’ is the search for a shoe that MAKES me the tall girl. Not the short girl on wobbly heels. But I definitely see how it could be read the other way. I hope we can still be friends.

  • I will adjust to this new piece of information overnight and let you know.



  • e.

    I have the same problem with summer dresses! My friends, who are taller, look great and I look pregnant. Not cool.

  • You are a rock star.

    Happy Canada day!

  • Sicilian Mama

    Yeah being 5’2″ and finding any cute dresses this season is impossible. Especially if you’re pregnant, which YOU aren’t, but I am. And all the maternity dresses are designed for those pregnant chicks that basically look like they swallowed a basketball. Anyway, I am in search of a dress to wear to a wedding, too…but luckily I have a whole month to go. Ugh.

  • Wow! that is a lot to do in a week. I love losing track of what day it is…so jealous ;-) Keep on enjoying and good luck with the dress. I personally think that the styles right now are hideous. I found a couple not so hideous ones at Ross, but that was after picking through dozens of icky ones. I’m 5’4″ and I am really not sure that my extra two inches improves things on the empire waste design. I pretty much hated everything I tried on and was only mildly disgusted with the two I purchased which were so cheap I could deal – plus I NEED sun dresses ’cause I am going to be in blazing hot Austin TX in a couple of weeks.
    So…uh..oops, that was too much about me eh? yeah, good luck!

  • I keep hearing of how fun these Colombians are. Seriously, I hear it all the time.

    Happy Cananda Day!

  • Have you considered buying your dress from Heidi Montag’s line of clothing? No seriously, her “celeb line” is the top selling of all celeb’s…or so says the story and her interview in USA Today. I wonder what Jaclyn Smith has to say about that! Read the story and loss 10 pounds (throwing up)…or just dance to her new single ‘Fashion” and lose 15 pounds, from dancing and throwing up…

    “She’s too fabulous”

  • Wow I think you are the only bloggers I’ve read who dislikes Jen Lancaster. Interesting.

    Yeah I’ve been sweating a lot too, hopefully exercise induced?

  • I love the hair. I bet you had to beat the boys away with a stick that day!

    I live in the Carolinas. I sweat like a beast!

    Good Luck with the dress hunt. I just know you’ll be a fab MC!

  • I love those quotes on a canvas. I have one I bought at Chapters that says something to the effect of life being a creation. I can’t remember exactly. I keep it in my classroom … I should probably look at it more often.

    Also, that hair iron!?! What the hell is that and where the hell did you get it?!?! Sorry I don’t mean for that to sound mean … I just really, REALLY love the curls that it makes … must. have.

  • Okay duh. I just realized it’s not the curling iron, but in fact the technique. Did you use the same serum that she did?

  • Hmmm..turns out I use my curling iron wrong. Learn something new everyday.

  • Um, I want your life. It sounds like so much fun! But watch out for those Colombians, my girlfriend was married to one and he was awful. They like to party, that’s for sure. Thanks for passing on the fantastic hair tips!

  • You know, I’m gonna miss Mini-Walter too. I kinda liked his style. :)

  • I can only imagine how helpful your newfound white shades knowledge will be….:)

    And I agree….so much of the shirts and dresses now seem to only be a good idea for super tall and super skinny girls. BOO.

  • K

    I DESPISE those summer dresses. I think all women should burn them like we did the bras back in the day. ggeesshheess.

  • I’m not the only one who’s surprised that you’re 5’2″!! You really do sound very tall. If that makes sense.
    I enjoyed your list – it sounds like you did more than most employed people. Good luck with the dress hunt – You’re going to be awesome!

  • It really sounds like you are having a good summer so far! And I hate those dresses too…I’m 5’0, so I definitely can’t pull it off and they are usually just ugly on me.

  • Ella Mentry

    I have a few dress shopping suggestions. I always go to Forever 21, H&M or Le Chateau. Sometimes Victorias Secret has some cute ones as well. I am sure you could pull off one of those form fitting dresses. They seem to be in this summer. You could even do a highwaisted skirt/shirt outfit instead.

    Whenever I go to a wedding I usually wear one formal dress to the actual wedding ceremony and then switch to another dress that’s more night time for the supper/reception.

    Good luck!

  • so i meant to send you a “happy canada” email last night! damnit to hell. your story about little walter? so cute- just made me tear up. i can imagine how much you’ll miss him… he sounds like a true gem. times like that must make you really feel so happy that you are in the field that you are (and i also hope they make you FORGET asshats like the lady that tried to make you feel bad about yourself last week).

    id like to see a pic of the hoh you rocked. maybe i could feature you! actually, you’d be the first chick! woot woot.

    ive missed you!

  • Your life will never be the same, Brandy. YOUR LIFE WILL NEVER BE THE SAME. ;)

  • cdp

    SO glad to hear you in better spirits. Also, I need to purchase that quote canvas as well. I’m with brookem – definitely would love to see that hairstyle. Happy Hump Day!

  • Ohhh Mini-Walter….I practically got tears in my eyes when I read that about him. What an adorable sweetheart. I wish I could be a teacher just for gratifying experiences such as that.

    And that hair technique that you shared? THANK YOU. I tried it this morning with extreme skepticism, because my hair is very thin/fine, but it WORKED and looked GOOD. I am utterly amazed. You have changed my life, Brandy!

    Keep on getting your drink on and enjoying your summer. Happy (belated?) Canada Day!

  • re: Jen Lancaster – not even the first one? (which is the only one i’ve read)

  • I think I’ve fallen in love with Woorl. Swoon.
    I’m super jealous of all you teacher-ladies, with your 3 month vaca, nights spent not with sick people (unless they’re your friends who talked to the Captain a little too long), and general awesomeness. Sigh. I need to change careers.

    Also, 5’2?! Really?
    I always pictured you as a fellow tall-girl.

  • I hate Empire Waisted anything! Honestly unles you have minus 20 percent body fat they all make you look pregnant. I had a really cute (or so I thought!) shirt on yesterday and my best friend said to me “ummmm….not a good choice” I was like great! There goes half of my summer wardrobe! Milky concoctions never sounds like a good idea, especially involving alcohol -kinda like Tequila and Beer (tequila bombs are they called?) bad news my friend. Bad news. Oh and Whoorl, I wanna kiss her. Seriously she is that cute.

  • I’m going to miss Mini-Walter too! And thanks for the karma points. I guess that gives me a little leeway to be extra bitchy this week. Woohoo!

    I haven’t read Jen Lancaster’s book yet. I’m usually dubious when EVERYONE raves about a book so I’m interested in why you didn’t like it.

  • fun fun fun. and i’m a bit jealous jealous jealous.

    right now my neighbor and cleveland bestie is doing her version of what you are doing while texting me through out the day while im at work rubbing it in. gah

  • hi, im back. #9?! i LOVE that thing. and DID YOU KNOW that the store is in MASS?! good god. this summer sister. THIS SUMMER.

  • I figured I should introduce myself- I don’t even know how I stumbled upon your blog but I have been reading it for a couple of weeks now! I enjoy it!

  • glad you are feeling better! you have one of my favorite blogs, i love hearing about your adventures : ) i think we are kindred spirits for sure.

  • 5’2? You must have the total opposite problem to me. I’m 6’1!

  • JK

    Does green poop work? Those dresses bother me too.

    I also have been out dancing on week nights since school ended. I also forget what day it is and wonder why no one else is out.

  • Oh, Mini Walter sounds too sweet for words, you see, you are a great teacher! Sorry I’ve only just caught up on your bad day the other day, sorry to hear that and totally hear where you’re coming from (and you know I would take Josh’s advice too, although I love Jed even more!) enjoy your time off!

  • err brandy? you kinda just changed MY life with that curling iron tip from whoorl.

    walter, i don’t even know the kid but he makes my heart burst into all kinds of pieces.

    teaching 30 colombians the jig? you are officially crowned a pillar of the community (well at least for the group of individuals that reside in my head – and that sentence totally makes me sound crazier than i already am)

    annnd, i am SO GLAD you are feeling much better.

  • I want that curling iron, simply because I curl my hair that way with a normal curling iron, and I burn my fingers each and every time. I never knew there was such a thing. Awesome.

    And the story about mini-Walter? Made me tear up.

  • Gany

    The Mini-Walter thing is the best part of this post. I especially liked how you described that moment. Was cute.

  • if it makes you feel any better i DESPISE the shopaholic series. ABHOR. HATE. and i catch a lot of crap for that.

    and i’m going to miss reading about mini walter. le sigh. :(

  • ellen.irac

    i want 2 lern a new dance 2 the song get low 4 school

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