The “Secret” Project

Yesterday I got the most fascinating email. It was from a girl, who had a secret and just wanted to tell someone. So, she emailed and told me. She didn’t write a long post in email, nor did she explain her secret- she just said it. And then said that she was a regular reader (but never commented) and felt like she could tell me. So she did.

That’s one of the things that fascinates (yes, ‘fascinates‘ is the word of the day) me about blogging. The ease at which people are willing to share things they normally wouldn’t share. Though it’s been pointed out repeatedly, I’m not a blogger who is always very ‘personal’, but if you were to search my archives you would find (besides a lot of memes, because I ADORE *MEMES) things I’ve said that I’ve never told even some of the people I see everyday.

Which got me thinking.

Other than Obama as President (hooray! cue the confetti! I’m still excited about this!), January has been about as awesome as a cold sore on prom night. I know a lot of people are going through a lot right now, and I’m sure there’s some study somewhere in the history of studies that shows that people feel better when they share their secrets.


I know there is Postsecret (which I consider to be the greatest thing on this Earth other than Josh Lyman on DVD and red licorice) and Nilsa had a wonderful Blogsecret that I adored doing, but I thought a combination of the two might be just what is now in order.

Your mission, if you chose to accept it is to email me a secret/confession that is no longer than three sentences. It can be funny or sad or tragic or reference your deeply held (and darkly hidden) love for the  Anne of Green Gables novel series.  I won’t share your name or email information but on Monday, February 2nd, I will share your secret on this site, along with everyone else who participates. Your secret will be anonymous, (well, other than me, but I will never share it, I swear on my collection of West Wing DVD’s that I love more than I love most people) but you will feel the chains of your secret lift from you and I suspect you will be happier than that one time you found $20 on the floor and didn’t tell anyone (Don’t worry, I wouldn’t have handed it in either).

Here are some possible Q & A’s that I’m going to answer in advance:

Q: Hey smartass, you say you want me to email you but what’s your email address?
A: Good point, but such language isn’t necessary. It’s

Q: Why aren’t you doing what Nilsa did and handing out anonymous secrets for all participants to show on their blog?
A: Another good question. The short answer? I’m not as organized as Nilsa and the idea of matching up secrets to 50+ (hopefully!) bloggers with another bloggers secret, makes me envision a ridiculous amount of grey brain matter exploding on to my walls. So, that’s why I’m just going to post them all on this site.

Q: Is there any type of secret you won’t accept?
A: If you say something negative about Josh Lyman, there’s a chance your email will get ‘lost’. Other than that, share what you want to.

Q: Is there going to be a badge? Does this project even have a name?
A: Hmm, no badge. Mostly because I have no idea how to make one. My brain juices have been used for other things like, how to make homemade mac n’ cheese and how to properly seduce a man (hint: it involves homemade mac n’ cheese). As for a name, I intitially wanted to call it,  the “Unclenching the talons that have kept hold of our secrets Project” but that seemed creepy, like we would all be wearing cloaks and ranting about the Freemasons when typing up our secret. I think we should just call it The” Secret” Project, because it sounds a) elusive and b)has the word “secret” in it, which seems important and c)… yeah I don’t have another one.

I think that’s it. If you have any questions you can email me. I’ve already gotten some submissions from people who I had talked to about this project and look forward to hearing from the rest of you after you’ve finished sending me that care package of delicious gluten free baked goods you promised me.

Okay, so you promised me nothing but maybe you should re-think that position?

*That meme shout out was just for you.

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