So Saturday was the big day. I cannot even find words to describe everything that went on. There was tears and laughter and hula hoops. There was people who came out of nowhere dressed up as knights, photo booth pictures and a dance off to Britney Spears. There was long talks, fast drinking races and a dance to “Shout” that would make Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson proud. It was exactly what I hoped it would be and so, so, so much more.

Like I said there was a photo booth at the wedding and if anyone wants to have the BEST TIME OF THEIR LIFE I suggest they have one at theirs. My co-emcee and I decided that the only thing that would make a free photo booth better was props. So we loaded up on nerd glasses and tiaras and safari hats and boas. I have close to 50 photos from the photo booth, in various costumes with some of my very best friends. Here are four of my favourite. (Their mustaches aren’t real. It’s my lame attempt at  ‘oh look at how I can protect my friends identities from the prying eyes of the internet’. Clearly I have a gift. I’m expecting a call from the Witness Protection Program any minute offering me a job disguising people for a living.)nerd glasses and mustaches

d and b thinking with mustache
moose and mustache

moose, me and the point
And yes, I did pick out pictures that did not showcase the boobage. One particular blogger has already seen some of the lowlights highlights of the dress and I’m not sure our friendship will ever be the same. In my defense, I’m blaming a lot of it on the bra and not the fact that I have the boobs of a porn star.

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