Watch a single, 20something wise, married people give marriage advice

You know, I get it. Me giving marriage advice is like, Tara Reid giving tips on sobriety. Or Kanye West give lessons on modesty. Or Jenna Jameson talking about the virtues of virginity.

I think I just compared myself to a porn star.

Let’s just move along.

As many of you know, the always lovely Renee is getting married. What you may not know is that she’s been my secret idol since she she met Chelsea Clinton and I may or may not have volunteered my life (more than once) to getting her into public office (Renee, not Chelsea). She’s the kind of girl I’m insanely jealous of- she’s funny and thoughtful and honest. She goes to see Billy Joel in concert and she fully understands any of my tweets that reference the movie “Rudy”. Plus? She watches “The West Wing” and knows how damn hot Josh Lyman is.

So when I was asked if I wanted to participate in a ‘virtual shower’, of course I said yes.  I decided that although I may not be married, I know plenty of very lovely people who are and decided to ask them to open their knowledge basket and share what they thought made marriages last. Here are some of my favourite (direct quotes) from people I know (and people I wish I did) giving marriage advice.

1. “Always be the first person to say sorry. Not only will you look like the bigger person, but it’s great to bring up the next time you fight. It’s automatic leverage!” (I think this person was kidding).

2. “Keep the fights clean and the sex dirty”- Kevin Bacon

3.  “Make it easy for him to remember why he married you” -G-pop (which? Was sort of a rip-off of another piece of advice he once gave me)

4. “Have sex in your friends bathroom”- Jada Pinkett Smith (okay, she said it differently, but I like my version better).

5. ” Be kind.”

I am so, so happy for Miss Renee and can’t wait to hear all about her married life. I wish her nothing but the very best and plenty of #4. Congratulations on getting married lovely!

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