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I teach Health to eight year olds. Once a week, for thirty minutes- we talk about how to brush your teeth or what to do if your kid brother lights you on fire with firecrackers and the many different types of flammable liquid one can find around the home (and why it’s bad news bears to drink them).

One of the things we work on in Health is self- esteem. They are growing up in a Bratz Dolls universe and any doll that can make Barbie look like a slob has got to be dangerous. So last Health block, I walked in and asked the kids “What is something you have done that made you feel proud?”. Their answers involved puzzled looks and crickets. After a minute of silence, one of the boys, raised his hand and asked me, “what’ve you done that makes you proud?”. I ran through the list of G rated examples a teacher always has on hand. (I left out the one time in my life I tied a cherry stem with my tongue).  I talked about how I was proud when I went traveling  Europe (backpacking, where I spent most of my money on clothes, baskin robbins and wine in a carton), when I became a teacher (after four years of university where I spent all my money on clothes, baskin robbins and beer in a keg), when I learned how to say **”supercalifragilisticexpealidious” backwards (I have no naughty version, it was just a cool thing to learn how to do).

I was thinking while driving home tonight, one of my proudest accomplishments isn’t related to somewhere I went. It has nothing to do with my career or finally crossing something off a “Life List”.  It’s not about helping someone else, learning something new, and it’s not even about the cherry stem tying happening in my mouth Mary Poppins. No, one of my proudest accomplishments was this. I’m not sure why I love it as much as I do, but I do. And I’m not sure why I feel awkward admitting that, as though I just announced to the internet “Oh look at how awesome I am. Whoo hoo me!*hair toss/swagger/smug guns & wink”, no, it’s definitely not that (I started linking to posts that illustrate my awkwardness, including when I gave a child lingerie, but it just got depressing). I guess I just feel like if I’m encouraging kids to be their own biggest fan, to cheer the loudest for their own success, their own moments where they feel like they get it just right, I should do the same. So there it is. I adore that post.

Now, tell me. What is the post you are most proud to have published?

* that fire story was a bit of a downer wasn’t? Does it become more lighthearted if I explain it was my mom who accidentally set my dad on fire?

** I know I’m spelling it wrong but I’m too lazy to look it up and I enjoy thinking that wordpress spellcheck is freaking out trying to understand what I just wrote (similar to how I giggle thinking of how gmail spellcheck has a meltdown when I send out mass emails after three seven margaritas).

(And because I know you all spent your entire Thanksgiving on the edge of your seat wondering who won the last post- I’ll tell you Monday. Just in time for a new “Secret Project: Crush Edition” post! Also, keep your confessions coming! Email them to me at

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