Overcoming first day back after vacation jitters, taming my wild hair, explaining what a galaxy is to 8 year olds, reminding myself that taking medication doesn’t mean I’m failing, declaring war on an ancient photocopier with a love of eating important documents, writing a speech to the bride that sums up 12 years of friendship, teaching 12 year olds how to solve for X and going through “Arrested Development” withdrawal.

Those are my current battles, what are yours?

(Also I updated my blogroll- check out my “links” tab! It’s still a work in progress but I’m excited to share it with you. And yes, it was inspired by this one.)

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  • Being single, working nights, missing friends, figuring out how to back to school & still keep a full time job & paying off a credit card! As we say here in MN, ufftah! :)

  • Wrestling my procrastination against my desire for stellar grades this semester. Being afraid to let someone in, while having a pretty cool guy knocking on the door. Finding my own writing/blog voice by being both intimidated and inspired by great writers I’ve found only in the last couple of months.

    Also, being on medication is SO not an indication that you’re failing. I think my refusal to take it is a small sign that I am.

    • I think being intimidated can come easily when you find writers you admire- I get intimidated all the time. There’s so much genius out there. As for your last line? Been. There. You will figure it out, that much I KNOW for sure.

  • Full time working mom of twins with sick dad, two wacko dogs, and a husband. Sigh. Good, but tough.

  • I could make a list, but usually my biggest burden is being incredibly blessed and often too stupid to realize it. Relatively, of course. :)

    Your blog roll is something special, lady. Thank you.

  • Being single amongst all the marrieds with rugrats, meeting new people, dating, getting people to understand that I need to take care of myself right now…not them, being happy and finding a way to bring my stunted creativity back to the surface. Oh and replacing everything that decided to break all at the same time.

    Things could be worse…but they could be loads better.

  • Containing the late night Crazy that makes me question every decision I’ve made. Battling between the blog I want to write and the blog I feel I have to write due to audience. Trying to keep myself positive as I face yet another period of unemployment/underemployment. Keeping romance alive in a very comfortable relationship. Reminding myself that her life or her life or her life is not my life, and therefore it is not an accurate or healthy comparison. Attempting not to overrun blog friends with emails when I work very slow night shifts that lend themselves well to lengthy posts and email correspondence…..

    • You KNOW I love emails from you. Steph Tanner, you always know just what to say. As for the blog? This last year… I finally (finally!) realized that writing for yourself is so much more rewarding. Comments may go down, people may lose interest but the people who stay? Their opinions will mean so much more.

  • Kristin

    A job that makes me unhappy, paying down credit card debt, graduating in two months with a degree (yay!) that will leave me with crazy amounts of student loan debt (boo) while living in an area with very few good job prospects (sigh), generalized anxiety that I am a screw-up who doesn’t really deserve happiness (somehow I have found a really great guy who sticks with me and sometimes I wonder why and when he will decide he’s had enough of me like everyone else)(I realize this is totally unproductive and probably crazymaking), family drama that makes me sad for my parents, worrying about my little sister, who I am afraid is starting down a bad path that will just make things harder on herself (been there, wish she wouldn’t do that as well).

    • Graduating! Hurrah! Boyfriend who is awesome? Double hurrah! Also, it’s been my experience that if you feel crazy? Chances are your dude knows and loves all of you- even the not always sane parts.

  • I love and live by that quote. Another related idea is that you never know what is going on behind closed doors – people can paste on whatever face they want when they go out in public, but you don’t know their battles until you look them in the eyes and ask them.

    My battles are finding a permanent job, planning my future, paying debts, compressing my wedding fever, battling decisions made my inadequate doctors, worrying too much about people I love.

    Looking at all of those, I guess my life isn’t so bad at all.

    • That’s a good feeling, when you list all your battles and are all ‘what the hell? i can tackle this!”. But even if your list was a mile longer (though I will always hope it isn’t), I know you would tackle it head on. And do so very stylishly!

  • Thanks for the shout out, my love. I absolutely adore you. I’m also glad I don’t have to explain a galaxy.

  • Battles: tenants with one issue after another (living in an old building, while charming, can be a major pain since everything keeps breaking!), returning to work after 4 days off, pain in my left foot that is inexplicable and annoying and making me walk funny, anxiety about telling my therapist I need to take a break from our sessions (feels like breaking up), anticipatory missing of my boyfriend (he’s going back east for 5 days).

    P.S. Love how you personalized your links page. And am so flattered at your thoughtful description of me!

    • Now, I’ve been reading your tweets about this foot- you better being getting it checked! (And yes, I’m well aware that I sound like your mom. That’s love).

  • Sarah

    I’m battling the urge to just go home and get back into my bed, trying not to IM/email/text him and tell him that I miss him, thoughts of him dating someone else, a possible cold, my desire to eat lunch RIGHTNOW and my anger towards David’s Bridal merely existing.

    Can’t blame you for going through Arrested Development withdrawl. That show is amazing

  • You’re so sweet, thank you! JOSH LYMAN LOVE FOREVER AND EVER AMEN.

  • Being single, while alternately trying to always be upbeat about it…losing weight, every single exam I take, figuring out how I’m gonna pay my parents back, applications for scholarships, figuring out what I really want to do with my life, helping others, being patient with my five year old class, being patient with my five year old class, sometimes sleeping, not obsessing over one particular guy, affording life. Finding someone who will love me.

    • “Affording life”. Dude. Those two words… yes. Just yes. When people say ‘money doesn’t buy happiness…’ I just assume they’ve never not had money.

  • Being single, trying to make new friends and meet guys, attempting to overcome social anxiety, figuring out what I want to do with my future (career-wise), getting myself to focus and stop procrastinating, um…possibly other things.

    I’ve been reading your blog for a few weeks, but this is my first comment, so hi! What grades/subjects do you teach? I’m a TA in a pre-k class, but I want to do something with special ed eventually (around the same age group though). Also, I take medication; I don’t think that’s a sign of failure if it helps you. What is yours for? (Feel free to not answer that if it’s too personal!) We haven’t had a vacation since February, but it’s always tough coming back the first day afterwards! We have a week off in 2 weeks though and I’m looking forward to it! I hope this week goes well for you! :)

    • Hi! I love new commenters! I teach 3rd grade (homeroom, all subjects except Social/gym) and grade 6 math. I take anti-anxiety medication right now and a sleeping pill since well.. I’m anxious a lot of the time! I’m amazed by anyone who works in a K or pre-K room.. there’s a special spot in heaven for people with that much patience! Thank you for your sweet comment.

  • I feel you on the current battles, especially taming the wild hair. Goodness. Story of my freakin’ life. Other battles of importance: Trying to get work done without my Excel documents crashing on me (my job is basically based out of Excal, so this makes it pretty awesome.) Getting to bed at a normal hour. Drowning in my Google reader.

    And your blogroll looks amazing!

  • Thank you for this advice. I tried my damndest to keep it in my mind when the mean, rude girl at Dunkin Donuts was being EXTRA mean and rude today.

    Blogroll looks GREAT and a big thank you for including me! XXOO

    • And I tried to keep it in mind when someone cut me off yesterday. I failed. BUT I’M TRYING.


  • today’s battles:
    how many layers of shirts & pants will be required in order to stay warm.
    remembering to take meds.
    making the effort to get out of the house, even if it’s only to get the mail.

    one day at a time, right :)

  • tina

    today’s battle: being cheery while chained to a desk inside during a perfect spring day.

  • Great post. It’s too easy to forget that everyone is battling something. Today, I’m battling the sinking, soft depths of procrastination and the elusiveness of inspiration.

  • Being 700+ miles away from my fiancé. A senior education coordinator who doesn’t have an education degree who yelled at me when I offered constructive criticism on her lesson plan. Not getting the job that would have brought me to my 700+ mile away fiancé.

    Also? I had medication when I was in graduate school, but have since gone away from it because of insurance crap. I am noticing the issues that I once had creep back into my life, and I am unhappy with it. Please don’t consider being on medication as failure. It takes so much courage to go through that route. You are courageous. You are worth it. You are admirable.

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