Jeff & Jordan, Turning 30 and A GIVEAWAY

So let’s get to the most important part of this post first.

Am I the only one in love with Jeff and Jordan?


Okay, that took me over an hour to get that picture up there. Because I got sucked into spoiler websites and NOW I KNOW WHO WINS POV THIS WEEK. NOOOOOOOOOO. It’s like unwrapping your Christmas presents before Christmas. You WANT to know, but you don’t really want to know. Sigh. I need someone to take the internet away from me.

But back to my favourite people on television. These two are adorable. There’s probably about 3 of you reading this post who know who they are (or even what show they are from), but really. I’m okay with that. Sometimes you have to sign up for your geek badge and if that means I publicly admit I’m addicted to Big Brother and want to be best friends with Jeff and Jordan, then that’s what has to happen.*

Next order of business. Tomorrow I turn 30. I suppose I should have some ‘Life Lessons I learned’ or “Twenty Things I learned in my 20′s” but seriously, am I the only one who gets tired thinking of all the things I’ve learned? And I’m hoping I’m not the only one but sometimes, I like thinking ‘TODAY I LEARNED NOTHING. I REVELED IN MEDIOCRITY AND IT WAS GLORIOUS”.  Maybe I’m flying solo on that one. Also, today has been a long day and currently the only thing that pops into my head when I think of what I know for sure is “I would have slapped a baby panda to get into Kim Kardashian’s wedding”.

Maybe in a few days I will have more insight into this birthday.

Lastly, as part of my whole ‘hey, it’s my birthday month- treat yourself’ explosion that has resulted in my credit card weeping and my closet looking like Macy’s on the first day of back to school shopping, I splurged and tried out some new shampoo and conditioner. Not just any shampoo and conditioner, fancy stuff. (Hint: You know it’s fancy when there’s italics on the front of the bottle). I splurged on this:

(via- Also click here for a review of the product!)

And my hair loves it! I’ve been working on not washing  my hair so frequently and for avoiding sulfates/parabens (No, I don’t know what sulfates or parabens ARE, but I know I shouldn’t put them in my hair. Don’t you love my hair expertise?) and this was perfect. Not perfectly priced, but during birthday month, I LIVE ON THE EDGE OF REASON.

Anyhoodle, I love this stuff so much I’ve decided to share. Leave a comment here telling me who you are rooting for on Big Brother or share the best piece of beauty advice you ever received or spill the details of your worst haircut. One winner will receive Oscar Blandi pronto wet instant volumizing shampoo and conditioner. I will randomly pick and announce a winner on Friday, August 26th. Good luck everyone and have a fantastic week.

And if you haven’t started watching Big Brother… what the hell is wrong with you?

* I actually started writing an entire paragraph why I like Jeff and Jordan so much, so you know, you could understand my crazy but I a) started to look like a psycho and b) ( I swear to goodness) I had to quit because my mouth started to get sore from how hard I was smiling. 

Contest closed! Thanks for entering!

56 comments to Jeff & Jordan, Turning 30 and A GIVEAWAY

  • Worst haircut? Hands down, courtesy of my mother. Fifth grade, I had middle of my back long hair. She chopped to to my earlobes, claiming she’d meant to just give me a trim which was what we’d agreed on, but I kept moving too much. Oh, how I cried. And I have frizzy hair, which needs length to create weight to pull it down, so the short hair was TERRIBLE. Also, I wore glasses. You’re welcome.

  • Amie

    My best advice is for curly girls. Sleep on wet hair! It makes my curls super bouncy and adorable the next morning :)

  • My worst haircut was when I was in Grade 9 and I had it cut super short. I looked like a boy and I was asked if I had become a lesbian. And to style it? Gel! It was bad. Luckily, I had grew it out and had it restyled for spring break and came back a new person!

  • TOTALLY rooting for J&J! I have loved them since they were first on! As for bad hair cuts, I had an afro from birth till 6th grade because nobody in New Hampshire knew how to deal with brown girl hair lol!

  • Happy Almost Birthday! I’m doing that whole 30 thing in a couple of months, so let me know how it goes and if there’s a special handshake I need to learn or something.

    I never really get haircuts, so no disaster stories to tell (OMG, I am so boring.) and I don’t watch Big Brother, so I’m out on that one, too! Best beauty advice? Probably keeping your eyebrows awesome. It seems like a little thing, but it makes a big difference in how your face looks overall!

  • k

    I’m with you – don’t wash every day (I even that thin hairy that gets stringy when dirty). Dry shampoo is my friend. And the longer I go without washing, the less greasy it gets over time.

  • Sid

    “I REVELED IN MEDIOCRITY AND IT WAS GLORIOUS.” That my friend is a sentiment that I can live by. (And it’s now officially my gchat status.)

    Anyhoo, the American (Canadian?) version of Big Brother hasn’t aired in SA, so I have nothing to add to that front.

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  • Amber

    Happy birthday! I am also rooting for Jeff and Jordan. Love them! She says the most adorable things.

  • Kelsey

    I am totally on team danielle, but I also think Jeff and Jordan are adorable. Really I like everyone except Brenchel…GAG.

  • “Instant volumizing shampoo and conditioner”??? This is a definite recipe for disaster for me and a fast track return to the 80′s as a Cyndi Lauper lookalike, all be it brunette.
    It could get really bad, so I will decline (with thanks) entry into your birthday giveaway.
    More importantly though – HAPPY HAPPY Birthday Brandy! 30! Wow! Congratulations to you. I hope you get to celebrate in a big big way. Have a great day… may all your wishes come true.

  • Colleen

    Worst haircut-I was in the 3rd grade and wanted my cousin’s haircut. The problem was that I was too young to know what to actually ask for and what my Mom explained was actually a boy’s cut. So I had to rock a semi bowl cut/little boys cut in the 3rd grade (add to this that my adult front teeth were in, but no others so I had these huge front teeth and a very round face). My hair has never been shorter than my shoulders since!

  • eva

    The worst haircut I got was from my best friend when we were in college. I asked that she cut some layers around my face since she always bragged about how good she’s at cutting hair and I was being cheap. I ended with bluntly cut tendrils on each side of my face….I looked ridiculous! We didn’t speak for a week after that.

  • Min

    I’m absolutely rooting for either Jeff or Jordan (or, really, whoever hates Rachel the most). I nearly boycotted this season because they brought her back. BOOOOOOO.


    Wishing you the best birthday ever my dear. You deserve it! Love you so hard!

    Best beauty advice as of late has actually been one you touched upon- washing my hair less. That’s done a lot of good for my hair lately, and, a lot of good for my beauty sleep. I get an extra half hour or so out of this maneuver. Win!

    I like Jeff and Amy and am so glad the other annoying girl’s boyfriend is gone. Sure, he was sweet… but there had to be something wrong with him that he was so into her. Also, I’ve only seen two episodes so I don’t know people’s names yet.

  • kara

    HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! I’m a creeper, but I’ll come out for a good contest :) I had a horrible cut in 05 in DC. I looked like a giant toadstool. It was so short my earlobes were exposed. Humidity + natural curl didn’t help…disgusting! Don’t sweat 30, just make sure you do exactly and whatever you want today!!

  • Worst haircut was the year we moved states so my first impression on a new school was that I had no fashion sense. And we moved from east coast to west so my clothes weren’t cool either. I am still surprised I lived through that.

  • robin

    My favorites are Jeff and Jordan as well :)

  • Emily H.

    Happy Birthday!! The best piece of beauty advice I was ever given was to use eye cream asap, regardless of how old you are! I started using it when i was in college and it really does make a huge difference!

  • Jenn

    I love… make that LOVE… Jeff and Jordan. I love them on their own, but I especially love them together. She’s hilarious without meaning to be, and he’s so in love with her. It makes me swoon. And now I sound a bit like a psycho creeper, but I’m okay with that. I hate Rachel, don’t mind Danielle but don’t trust her, like Shelly, and don’t really care about the rest of the house.

    And happy birthday!

  • Sorry, I don’t watch Big Brother. But, I did order the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo you recommended awhile ago AND I LOVE IT.

    My worst haircut occurred when I was about 12. My hair was all one length and nearly touching my butt, and let my friend Jen give me bangs. I can still hear my mom’s gasp when she walked in the house and saw what we were doing!

  • my worst haircut was at age 13, when I tried for a shorter, chin-length cut. I have very thick wavy hair, and went in with a photo of some actress with cute, short curls. But the hairdresser just chopped my hair without any layers or technique at all, and the result was the “triangle” hair – because it was so thick, it poofed out horizontally. Ugh.

    I have since accumulated enough hair advice for curly hair to make my hair look decent. But I always leave it long – am too worried about a triangle repeat to try for a short cut again!

    oh and I just turned 30 2 months ago. Am still not used to no longer being a twenty something. But I guess it’s not so bad :) Happy Birthday!

  • Jana

    I haven’t watched Big Brother either…BUT, I’m now officially curious if that helps! I loooove the Oscar Blandi dry shampoo. That is how I went from washing my hair everyday for 31 years to now (3 years later)washing every 3 or 4 days! I would love to try their shampoo, I’m not sure now why I haven’t already! Happy 30th birthday to you!!!! I went out on my 30th like it was my 21st….not a good idea. ;-)

  • Ohhh my worst haircut. Why must I relive thisssss.

    So in the winter of 6th grade, my hair was lovely and long and shiny and pretty. And then I needed a trim. So my mom had a haircut scheduled one night and the woman agreed to stay a bit late and just trim up mine and my sister’s hair. She wasn’t going to style it or anything, just trim it and then we’d go home with wet hair since she was doing us a favor.

    So I was up right after my mom and she just cut and cut and cut until I had a little bob that ended just underneath my chin. A BOB. IN SIXTH GRADE. So awful. On top of that, it was wet and unstyled so it just looked awful and so when I got out of the chair, I knew I was going to cry and I just took my mom’s keys and cried in the car while my sister got hers cut. The woman figured it out and called me back in to style it because she felt bad, but the damage was done. I had short hair.

    As a result of that haircut (and not my raging puberty hormones of course) my hair went from silky smooth to frizz factory overnight. It was awful. I bought serums and flat irons and even when my hair grew out, it was still so unruly.

    I haven’t forgiven that stupid stylist.

  • Melissa D

    The best piece of beauty advice for me was the website I can’t tell you how much I love it…plus it’s LC so what’s better than that? :)

  • To be honest, the best piece of beauty advice is, in fact, to actually pamper yourself with nice overpriced products like luxury shampoos. It smells great, it makes your hair settle, and truly, these things make a girl feel good.

  • Alexandra

    Worst haircut? Courtesy of Yours Truly in 1st grade after my parents’ divorce. I thought bangs would look great and tried to give them to myself… I think you know the rest of the story. Did I mention this was the week before class pictures? Yea? Awesomeness is 1/4 inch spiked bangs, right?

  • Aubreylaine

    I am rooting for Jeff and Jordan :)
    littlegray88 at yahoo dot com

  • First of all, wishing my Tigress a happy birthday is more important than Big Brother. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

    Okay, now I can write that paragraph that you deleted. Because I have no shame. Jeff & Jordan are the end all, be all of Big Brother. Did you watch them on The Amazing Race? Adorbz. My problem with this season is that I also LOVE Daniele. I love how bitchy and cutthroat she is. I think I’d play the game like that. But I don’t want her to go after my dear Jeff & Jordan on the other side of the house! I’m so torn this season. That’s why I think it’s SO good. No matter who wins (as long as it’s not Kalia or Rachel) I’m not upset.


    *stealing this*


  • Lauren

    I was called Bald Eagle all throughout 5th grade because my hair was so short and horrible. My mom made me cut it short and even the parents of friends called me “Butch”. It was traumatic. However, it also humbled me which was probably a good thing because I thought I was pretty hot sh*t in my 5th grade class of 24 kids.

  • I can’t watch Big Brother. Julie Chen irks the heck out of me. Her big head. Her coiffed hair. All if it makes me want to punch puppies in the face. Yes, that bad.

    I did, however, have a horrible haircut a few years ago. One side was longer than the other (and that wasn’t for the sake of being a hipster) and the layers in the back looked terrible. Like, a blind person with pruning sheers would have done a better job. Two months later, I sat down in my colorists chair and he asked, “Who did this to you?” I shyly pointed across the salon at the stylist in question. “Wow, he must really hate you.”

    End scene.

  • When I was in middle school, I had no idea that my hair was thicker than the average bear’s and that I had approximately 60% more of it than a normal girl. I saw cute pictures of pixie-like straight hair in magazines and asked several people at Fantastic Sam’s (I MEAN) to give it to me. Multiple failures in those several years. I didn’t understand my hair until I was 23. No joke.

    Anyway, happy birthday, my love! There’s nothing wrong with basking in mediocrity on occasion.

  • Jamie

    Happy Birthday Brandy! I’ll be turning 30 in a few months and am weirdly looking forward to it, at least today I am. I also fully appreciate your celebrating for a month- so necessary. Right now for fine hair I’m loving Bumble and Bumble thickening spray, the price not so much. I’d love to try their thickening shampoo and conditioner- one day! Thanks for the great giveaway, enjoy your birthday!

  • Amy

    I’m watching last night’s BB episode right now. I love Jeff and Jordan too. They are just beyond adorable and if either of them wins I’m happy.

    Hope you have a happy happy birthday!

  • Katherine

    Happy Birthday! My 30s have been great so far – I feel more comfortable in myself and my skin is greater than it’s ever been. I have also stopped giving myself haircuts like I did when I was 12 and did the classic “fringe” (also known as “bangs”) trim. It wasn’t straight, so I tried again. And again. And again… I am kind of glad that there aren’t any pictures, but I’d also like to know how bad it really was.

  • Worst haircut for me was in the 5th grade. I had loooong hair and had it cut to my shoulders and feathered in the front. A glorified mullet.

  • I’m not even going to enter the contest because I’ve used this shampoo/conditioner and I love it and think somebody else should benefit. Just wanted to say Happy Birthday!

    (Oh! And some of the best beauty advice I’ve gotten was when I won another of your giveaways…. that Vaseline hand/nail lotion is freakin’ AMAZING. All my friends will be getting it in their Christmas goodie bag.)

  • Happy Birthday! After 30, it’s only uphill from there. Promise.

    As for Big Brother, I can tell you who I DON”T want to win … RACHEL! Ugh, I just don’t like that girl.

  • jen

    i don’t want big brother– can’t use any more tv in my life! it’s already so all consuming. ;) one of the best beauty ideas i ever received was using a combo of olive oil and mineral oil as a face wash. leaves you with super soft, clear skin and you don’t use any of the nasties they say are so bad for you. ;)

  • I’m actually rooting for Daniele. I know. I KNOW.

    But I’m all spoiler-ed from reading twop and I just can’t like Jeff & Jordan. He’s vile and she’s ….well, he’s vile.

  • Jeff & Jordan are my absolute favorite!! I hope Jordan wins it all again!! I hope Kalia is out this week. Her comment in the first episode about being this generation’s Carrie Bradshaw but better put me off from day 1!

  • I’ll admit – I don’t watch Big Brother…. But I knew who Jeff and Jordan were because other people have been talking about them… haha

    Best beauty advice I ever got? Be sure to use moisturizer on your chest because no one wants to motorboat leather.

    Genius. :-)

    And HAPPY BIRTHDAY! 30 was a good one for me…. 31, though? That one kinda hurt……..

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY (belated)!!! I’m looking forward to 30 (easy for me to say at 28.5), and I hope yours was beautiful as you are :) As for worst haircut: easy. Don’t let your mom “just trim” your bangs the day before school starts in the 4th grade. Just don’t.

  • Little Fish

    First of all, happy belated birthday!

    Second of all, I’m so sorry to be the bearer of bad news. I used to adore Jeff too and then I heard about this:



  • First of all…HAPPY belated BIRTHDAY!

    My worst haircut was when I was 12. My mom was out of town and my dad decided I needed a hair cut. He didn’t take me to the salon (like my mom did…to see my usual girl). Nope. He took me the barber shop and a man cut my hair. When we got home, I realized one side of my hair was longer than the other! I freaked. My dad panicked. Mom came home. All was made right with the world. (and my hair!)

  • i have to admit, i’ve never watched big brother. but i have had a bad haircut. so bad in fact that i was mistaken for a boy. it was mortifying. the only good thing to happen out of that horrible haircut is that my hair grew back way curlier than it used to be. curly hair win i suppose?


  • nikkeedee2001

    Oh no! I missed your birthday :( Well better late than never. Hope you had a great day and wishing you a great year.

    I also love Jeff and Jordan, they are the only normal people who have ever been on Big Brother since season 2. I have been addicted to this show since the first season, when Josh came in second to mean Eddie. Crossing my fingers for them.

  • I’ve got a Big Brother iPhone app that provides me updates from the live stream 24/7. It’s a sick addiction, for sure. I can’t get enough. I want Jeff to win since Jordon won once already and I figure it’d be great if they both got to win Big Brother. They are the cutest and most perfect couple in TV and I just simply can’t get enough of them together.

  • Worst haircut…4th grade. It was picture day and my mother had this obsession about my hair in my eyes to she took a pair of pinking shears to it and trimmed them….way way too short. I looked absolutely ridiculous.

  • i don’t watch big brother either, and as far as bad haircuts…the worst was when I tried to do an Amanda Byne’s look….with not very long hair. It grew out just awful and was so choppy I thought I was going to die. Luckily I have a much more capable hair stylist these days and she does wonders for my hair.

  • Toe

    {Looks away ashamed} because I don’t watch big brother. I already have too many things on the DVR that I’m constantly switching between two tv’s to watch “my shows”. The Hubs would kill me if I added another. But I do like fancy shampoo. The best tip I ever got was to use Tend Skin from Sephora for razor burns/in grown hair. I swear that stuff is made of angles feathers and unicorn spit. It worked miracles on my “ahem” armpit problem.

  • I don’t have a worst haircut story, but I do have a worst perm story.
    I was 13.
    I went to a beauty school.
    I passed out from the fumes and woke up to find myself sandwiched between two older women who were leaning me against the doorway.
    Did I mention it was January?
    And a spiral perm.

    Never forget.

  • When Brenchel walked into the Big Brother house, I was all excited because they’re really the only people I knew. But now? HATE. SO MUCH HATE. J and I both love Jeff and Jordan. They’re relationship is a lot like ours. Plus, Jeff is swoony. Not only is he cute, but he’s all calling Jordan names like love and talking about how cute she is, because well, she is. I FREAKIN LOVE THIS SHOW.

    And wouldn’t mind some awesome new beauty products.

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  • Susan

    Happy Birthday!

    Worst haircut? My bangs every single time my mother trimmed them.* Which involved some kind of tape to hold them in place, presumably, while being cut. Inevitably I ended up with bangs that tapered down from one side.

    *Usually the night before photo day at school.