“I lie to my family about how much I get paid so they won’t lecture me on how much I spend!”

It’s Secret Project time!

1. I am currently living overseas and my best friend back home is battling depression. If I could do one thing for my friend it would be to take all the strength in my body and belief I have in her, out of myself and put it into her. I wish that, even for an instant she could feel what it’s like to know such a phenomenal person and how she makes us all better people, just for having her in our lives; I’m also afraid that telling her this will only make her feel worse.

2. I think I am in love with one of my friends. We dont meet that often. Infact we dont meet at all. But we chat. A lot. Have been for a few years. He is shorter than me. I have always fancied taller guys, which he knows. I think this is holding us back from being together.

3. One of my friends has an overweight child. The girl is only 4 and she’s definitely unhealthy. I’m not someone who judges people on appearance but I am concerned that this girl is going to have health issues. Her mom is a fitness fanatic but they continue to call the daughter ‘cute’ and ‘pudgy’, as though her extreme weight issues are adorable. I don’t know if I should say something or not but I am concerned.

4. One of my family members died of cancer and I can’t help but feel bitter every October when breast cancer gets treated like it’s the only cancer out there. ALL cancers matter.

5.  My boss is a bitch. (That felt good to share! LOL)

6. Sometimes I wonder if I will always be the “better friend” in every friendship I am in.

7. My bf is stationed overseas and every night before I go to bed I find myself talking to him about my day. Not just thinking about talking to him, I actually find myself talking out loud, like he’s right there with me. It sounds loony, but it’s the way I feel closest to him. No one knows that I do this, I think my roommate thinks I am crazy for always muttering to myself but I am too embarrassed to share with her what I am actually doing.

8. Sometimes when I see how my kids are behaving, I feel so disappointed in myself as a mother.

9.  Just once I wish someone would look at me the way my best friends husbands look at them. I don’t want to BE with any of them, I just want that look. Just once. And I am scared it’s never going to happen for me.

10.  My girlfriend and I are considering a threeway (i think you guys call it a ‘threesome’). The truth is, she seems more in to it than I expected and it has me wondering if she really loves me. And because I’m her boyfriend, I know the rule is i’m supposed to be all for this but I’m not really sure how to handle this and I don’t want to tell her because i don’t want her to think i’m a loser.



11 comments to “I lie to my family about how much I get paid so they won’t lecture me on how much I spend!”

  • Lisa

    1. Tell her!

    4. I’m sorry for your loss and you are so right, all cancers matter. I hate October too.

    10. Talk to her, it could be that she is acting into it because she thinks you want to.

  • AM

    #1 – tell her. i am that friend for a number of folks and there are days where i tell myself that if one of them doesn’t call, text, email or in some way acknowledge my existence, that that’ll be the day i end it all.

    depression sucks. a lot. she needs to hear that those who love and cherish her love and cherish her. don’t think she’ll just know. tell her.

  • Oh #9, I totally know what you’re saying. But I still hold out hope. In fact, I believe it can happen and I believe we all deserve it. Don’t give up just yet.

  • I want to HUG number six and number nine, because they so, so could have been me. There’s nothing worse knowing you’re giving so much more to a friendship that you’re getting out of it or waiting for the day someone gives you that ‘look’.

    And thank you to number four, who had the audacity to say what I think every time I hear about BCA.

  • Jamie

    #6- with a few exceptions, this is all too prevalent with my friends currently. Definitely disappointing.

  • When people share this kinda stuff, it makes life more ok. Somebody is getting a secret off their chest AND you post it for others – it relieves more than just the person saying it.

    In general, everybody’s got a thing. And these people sharing their somethings make my somethings easier to understand.

    Fine post, miss.

  • Ashalah

    Both my grandmothers died of cancer in October several years ago and neither were from breast cancer. I also feel a little bitter that not all cancers are treated the same way breast cancer is.

  • #7: I mouth “I love you” to my husband every time I fly without him and tell him goodnight when we spend nights away, even though he’s not there to hear me. There’s just something about it that makes me feel close to him when he’s away, even if it might mean I’m crazy.

  • #9 just tugs at my heart. I feel the same way constantly.

    Also, #4 is right on the money. Let’s start raising awareness for OTHER cancers!

  • #10 DO NOT have a three-way until you clear the air with your girlfriend. It will not end well if someone has some concerns.

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