20 Things To Stop Apologizing For

Inspired by Ashley who a) re-did my blog (and never once laughed at any of my horrible passwords) b) is wonderfully talented and c) who reminded me that not knowing computer design makes sense if I’ve never been taught COMPUTER DESIGN.

1. Not blogging enough.

2. The music on your ipod.

3. The behavior of anyone but yourself.

4. Not understanding anything you haven’t been taught.

5. Buying Us Weekly.

6. Photos you publish on Instagram.

7. Explaining how you feel.

8. Buying movie tickets to Nicolas Cage movies and thus encouraging him to continue acting.

9. Forgetting.

10. Choices you make as a parent, in the best interest of your child.

11. Having a house that looks less like the cover of “House and Home” and looks more like your home.

12. Needing time for yourself.

13. Anything you did before you could drive.

14. Grammatical errors.

15. Letting them go.

16. Your appearance. You are beautiful.

17. Any type of bodily function.

18. Pointing out an error.

19. The quirks that make you different from the other six billion people on Earth.

20. Respectfully disagreeing.

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