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If you know me well, you know that as soon as I feel a case of The Sads coming on, I hide like I’m an assistant and Naomi Campbell has just walked in the room. So, after hitting ‘publish’ on my last post and then waking up the next day with a debilitating case of The Sads, I crawled slowly away from every person I loved, ignored all emails and flipped my switch to enter ‘human robot who can still fake laugh to kids jokes’. But as I get older, wiser and read more Brene Brown, I realize that running away from everything the moment I feel overwhelmed is effective as pouring gasoline on yourself when you are already on fire.

I’m still manoeuvring how to sort through an ocean of feelings and discuss them without feeling like a) I’m whining or b) being selfish or c) being one of those people who only talks about their feelings (I think we call those people ‘junior high girls?’) so until I find my footing, my posts are going to be lighthearted and whimsical but still deeply important to me. As silly as it sounds, I do feel a bit insincere tiptoeing around my feelings to write about anything BUT THE SADS, but the fact that I’m still hitting publish when my instinct is to avoid all humans and watch TLC reality shows in bed with my dog and Cheetos is progress. Weird, but true progress.

Now let’s get to the important stuff. Here are some amazing holiday gifts that we should all be buying to show people that we love them. Because if television commercials have taught me anything, it’s that the best way to say “I love you” to someone is by giving them shit. ONWARD!

1. The Heiress Dress ($68) I have no idea where I would wear this,
I just know that it’s a travesty that it’s not already in my closet.

2. “Gold Dew Party Dress” ($72)
This dress may not be perfect for me to wear to school to teach
fractions, but obviously this would break hearts on a Friday night out.
Must own.

3. The Westerly ($159)
This bag is roughly $100 more than I feel I can spend
on a clutch without feeling my breathing become laboured
but every time I look at it online, I die a little of happiness. Besides,
I feel a deep connection to a clutch that comes with such
a kick ass name.

4. Corked Necklace in Color Wheel ($44)
I like this necklace  because I feel it would be impossible
to be a bitch wearing it. A bitchy person doesn’t wear rainbow
inspired necklaces. Also, it would match everything in my closet.
I think we can declare it an epic win.

5. Muggle, Please t-shirt ( $21)
My need for this shirt might be directly related to why I’m single.

6. Capri Blue & Neutral  Chevron Braided Bracelet Modern Friendship Bracelet ($13)
The only thing longer than the name of this bracelet is the amount of time
I’ve been coveting it.

7. GapFit gDance pants ($50)
I’m currently in a hate-hate relationship with Lululemon since I found out
they are no longer making my beloved Scuba Hoodie, so I decided to find a new place to buy
pants as well- as a way of REALLY STICKING IT TO THEM. These yoga pants are AWESOME at
less than half the price of my Lululemon ones. Of course, you might be asking
why I need another pair when I already own several but yoga pants are like lipgloss- in
my world you can never own enough.

That’s it for now. I’m actually a little impressed at how HARD it was to find clothing online that I wanted. Either I’m growing up or the internet is failing me. I can’t decide which is worse. Happy Monday, muggles!

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