Are you ready to let go?

2013 was so much for me. It was just… so much in all the best and hardest ways.

I started dating again (which is an accomplishment in itself if you remember how my previous date had gone).  I fell more in love with my job, tackled a lot of personal issues and found myself inching back towards the place of contentment that I used to reside in before things got difficult and my brain chemistry changed and showering became the biggest hurdle of my day.

So I look back grateful. Grateful and relieved that I survived this year. Thankful that I was able to let go of what was too heavy and give myself permission to look for things that better serve my purpose.

(That last line makes me sound like a total hippy, I will admit to drinking really expensive tea while writing this.)

I let go of asking for permission. I let go of waiting by the phone. I let go of my daily Vitamin water habit (too much sugar). I let go of shame and grumbling about the weather and worrying that my Spanx was showing. I let go of trying to reason with unreasonable people. I let go of blowdrying my hair, I let go of my embarrassment over my music choices, I let go of feeling jealous over not having the life that others have. I let go.

On the eve of a brand new year, I’m excited to see what I can let go of next. It’s taken me awhile, but I’m learning I can travel much further when I’m willing to let go of everything that’s weighing me down.

What are you going to let go of in 2014?


4 comments to Are you ready to let go?

  • I love this! (And love every time it see that you’ve posted!) I want to let go of my laziness. I know I am capable of so much more, and “good enough” shouldn’t be enough for me.

    Best wishes for a happy and healthy 2014!

  • I’m pretty sure 2014 is going to be a great big year of letting go for me, in a really sad sort of way, but that’s the way life is and it keeps going, no matter what. I’m curious to see where I’ll end up at the end of 2014, because I know I’ll survive whatever shit comes my way this year.

  • Kristin

    Excellent choice! I too work on letting go…it is definitely a journey. I’ve been a lurker for quite awhile and have missed your posts this year. Welcome back!

  • San

    Mmh. What am I going to let go of this year? I hope I can let go of giving a sh*t about other people’s expectations.

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