I’m a 27 28  29 year old Canadian girl with a strong desire to procreate with George Clooney change the world. I’m a teacher who loves her job not only for the built in blog fodder working with children provides, but because very few jobs allow grown adults to play dodgeball on a daily basis. And I do love dodgeball.

I like: peanut butter, The West Wing, peonies, accents, Bob Woodward books, movie theatre popcorn, afternoon naps, songs only found on the ipod of 14 year old girl, dirty jokes, clean sheets and double bubble bubblegum.

I dislike: movies starring the Rock, seafood, the sound people make when they kiss (unless I’m the one involved in the kiss), mayonnaise and the smell of the public library.

I will never understand: why people wear full linen jumpsuits. All that ironing? Why do that to yourself?

If you are fun or funny or like nice things or have ever swooned to the sound of Martin Sheen’s voice, we should get along just fine.

Questions? Comments? Email me  brandyismagic@gmail.com