A Blog of Her Own - Shaba and I joke that we are sisters. Not just any sisters- I’m DJ Tanner and she’s Steph. Clearly anyone who will go along with your fantasy to live out your life as Danny Tanner’s daughter is going to be awesome. Plus? She once sent me a diamond encrusted toothbrush. (I’m not joking).She’s wonderful and hilarious and if I had to pick a little sister out of anyone in the world? This girl would get the gig, hands down. One of my favourite posts is when she talks about joining the circus

Belle Renee – Oh, where to start. There are so many memorable blog posts written by Renee. So many that infused me with a “YES! GIRL POWER!” attitude, given her nature to speak directly and honestly about women’s issues. Add to the fact that she is also able to write a post so heartfelt I want to hug my computer screen when I’m done. But if I wanted to show the world how awesome Renee is with just one post, it would be THIS one.

Chelsea Talks Smack – Chelsea is a whirlwind of deep thoughts, genius one-liners and genuine passion for life. I find that I usually end up holding my breath while reading her posts- each sentence is better than the last. She’s a firecracker, a wise soul and the kind of friend you would always want in your corner. One of her more recent posts that absolutely delighted me was this one.

Essentially Me – This girl cracks me up. Though her posts tend to be sporadic (like me! Let’s form a club!), her online twitter presence is beyond hilarious. She pulls off saying the most outrageous things with a casual flair- she was born to entertain with her witty one-liners. Follow her at @essentially_me and be prepared.

Five Blondes – Oh these girls make me jealous. Imagine growing up in a house with 4 sisters and yourself. And you are all gorgeous and delightful and are all friends. THIS WAS MY DREAM LIFE AS A CHILD. And these girls live it. They take turns updating their lives, some are having babies, some have moved away (Leah, Alberta misses you)- each one gives their own voice to their words.  Read about each of them here.

Hope Dies Last – Hope lives in Greece which automatically makes her cooler than me and almost every other person I know. Before I read her blog, I assumed that living in Greece meant wearing a toga and yelling at people to bring you grapes. Thankfully her blog has shown me otherwise. Hope writes as though she’s whispering you her secrets over a girls only dinner. She makes you feel like she’s writing just to talk to you- a rare gift in a writer. One of my favourite posts is this one.

Jamie Ann – Oh Jamie is lovely! Where do I even begin with this gem? She’s articulate and her posts always feature amazing etsy finds. Don’t assume that’s all she’s got though- she also has the ability to slay you with a post, reaching deep down to share words that you’ve thought but didn’t have the nerve to write. This post hit home. Also? She’s a mac & cheese expert and how can you not trust someone who is an expert on something so delicious?

Just A Titch – Amy is 493,403 shades of awesome. Besides being a teacher (holla, if you educate!) she’s a thoughtful writer and packs a punch with her words. Going through her blog is like re-uniting with the best parts of yourself, said in the best possible way. She’s the kind of girl who will listen to you complain about your life and when there’s no right word or phrase to say? She manages to say something that will comfort you. Plus? She has wrote a letter to her cat. WIN!

Just Run – Lesley is a runner. But she’s also a photographer (her pictures of her tropical getaways make me drool) and she’s one of the kindest people on the internet. I will never forget her emails that she sent when HAD first got diagnosed and am lucky to call her my friend. Her posts discuss life, travel and like I said before, include gorgeous pictures. She also makes me giggle, like she did recently with her updated 101 post (#51 is a particular favourite)

Kyla Roma – Who doesn’t know Kyla? I think of her as the Sandra Bullock of the internet. Everyone adores her and they should. She’s kind, talented and has an amazing blog where she showcases her craftiness. I’ve loved reading Kyla’s blog as it has grown, I remember happy clapping when she posted her wedding photos. (Have you ever seen anyone more gorgeous?!). Plus? She’s Canadian which automatically makes her cool. AND she was the inspiration for this sort of blogroll.

Les Singe – Egan was one of the first blogs I started reading and one that I will always love. I remember (so long ago now!) when he shared with everyone that his family was growing. And his daughter? Well the pictures he posts of her curly blonde hair will melt your heart.

Mining Garnet – Garnet is a gem. (It had to be said). Truly. She loves beer and carbs and her emails include a lot of “ASDHGFKADJHGAKGHA” which is exactly how I roll.  She just got into Grad School (cue cheering!) and is running to raise money for Multiple Myeloma. She’s hilarious and her emails leave me giggling long after I’ve finished reading them. I’m so glad I found her blog but I feel even more lucky to call her my friend. (Insert AWWWWW here)

More Is Better -Let’s start with saying this: if you aren’t reading her blog, check to make sure you have a pulse.  She’s beyond. She talks about well.. everything. If you don’t believe me, scan her blog and just read the title of her posts. Besides owning a substantial part of the internet, she also organizes BiSC each year and happens to also be adorable. My love for Josh Lyman is only rivaled by her love for him and emails between us discussing him and his beauty (or the beauty of Rob Lowe) should really just be made into a book for people who can handle made up words, caps attack and a love of swearing. In short, she’s brilliant.

Nic Narrates – You may call her Nic, I call her “VEGAS ROOMIE”. Whatever you decide to call her, you have to admit- you adore her. She can write something so moving I am clutching my chest and then her next post will have me giggling (just read this). She is one of those people you can email out of the blue, dump a metric ton of worry and problems on and she will email something back that is perfect for your situation. She’s levelheaded and her blog shows off her love of all things pretty. And have I mentioned she’s my VEGAS ROOMIE?!

No Ordinary Rollercoaster – Everyone remembers that dude in high school that was friends with everyone. The one who was friends with each clique and who managed to maintain massive popularity by being kind to everyone in an environment where only assholes were rewarded with recognition. That cool guy everyone wants to sit with at lunch? That’s Ben. He’s charming, inspired and an email from him is like riding a unicorn. Plus? He went to Ethiopia. To raise the awareness of issues going on to Canadians. I can barely spell Ethiopia. Ben wins at life. Plus? He’s Canadian. So you know what that means. Automatically awesome.

Life Goes On, I Think – If I didn’t adore her, I’d probably hate her. Because her writing is that good. Paige Jennifer writes posts that I think of days, weeks, months, years later and wonder ‘how the hell did she find those words?’.  I come here to be inspired and I never leave with less than an urge to sit down and write for days hoping for something that is in the same galaxy as her posts.

Playgroups are no place for children – Jennifer is the author of the oldest blogs I have on this list. I remember back in the days of blogspot (one day I will have my own domain, one day I will have my own domain), where she was my sole commenter. We emailed about how different our lives were (she’s a mom to two adorable kids) and I was single and ready to mingle tear my hair out. Our blogs have both grown substantially since those days (hers more than mine, due to her writing and photographic talent) but I will always have a special spot for her and her way with words.

Secret Agent L – I want to be Laura Miller. I’m sure if scientists checked her DNA they would find she was part Superhero. She runs “The Secret Agent L Project”, a way to give back. She creates sweet packages with thoughtful notes and leaves them everywhere for people to find. Her kindness and enthusiasm for this project has prompted more than 1,600 people to join her movement. Check her blog to find contests that help those less fortunate or just people who deserve something special. I always leave her blog feeling better about the world. So sappy. So true.

Sizzle – I told her recently that she’s one of my favourites and truer words were never spoken. Sizzle is the first to send an email telling you she’s thinking of you and always has something nice to say. She’s also sent me a cd because we realized we both love Tristan Prettyman. And anyone who takes the time out of their day to do that is going to be goodbeans. Besides her kind heart, Sizzle writes openly about her life, her accomplishments and her struggles. She’s opinionated, educated and wears her heart on her sleeve. My kind of lady.

Skrinkering Hearts – I’m really not sure how this gorgeous lady and I ever found each other but holy hell, I’m glad we did. She’s 100% awesome and one of the best friends you could hope to ever have in your life. She’s heard all the stories I couldn’t share on the blog and loves me anyway. We’ve called each other crying, she knows the ins and outs of my life and the way she deals with obstacles is something I admire.  Her adorable Cosmo and Manfriend are both lucky to have her. And looking at her HOH pictures are always a great way to spend some time online!

The JQ Lounge – If you need updates on Hollywood gossip, want to amp your style or find a safe haven to discuss your favourite Bravo show- get yourself to Julie’s site stat. She doesn’t take blogging so seriously- her posts are lighthearted and ridiculously fun. If I want to know about the cutest shoes or the best new lipgloss, I know Julie is going to set me straight. Plus? She’s a new mom and Lil’ C is the most adorable human. I can’t wait to see how stylish this baby is going to get with a mom like Julie.

Walking with Nora- Reading Nora’s blog makes me smile. It’s that simple. I don’t know Nora well, but her kindness and openness shines through her writing. I love the lists she writes, reminders to herself and how well she writes. I also knew I was going to be a huge fan when I first read her favourite movie list in her “All About Nora” section. We share so many of the same favourites, I knew immediately she was good people.

Your Wishcake – Crafting goddess, stylish mom to be and someone who I can relate to, this talented woman will always have a place on my blogroll and in my life. I read her blog to feel uplifted, to remind myself to take more pictures, to get inspired to hit up Michaels and get my craft on. She’s introspective without being self indulgent and it was impossible to not cheer loudly when I read that she was pregnant. Baby Wishcake is going to be one lucky baby.