20 Things You Did You Should Be Proud Of

1. Turning down that guy that everyone loved but you.

2. Surviving junior high.

3. Owning your dance moves.

4. Being kind.

5. Your relationship with your parents. It may not be perfect, it may be the farthest thing from perfect but it’s yours. And whether you are still working on making your relationship better, there was a point that you tried to make it better and that is brave.

6. No longer feeling ashamed of your hair in high school. It was the style!

7. Voting in the last election.

8. Knowing all the words to the rap song …READ MORE

Keeping It Real

1. I don’t drink smoothies. I mean, I WANT to drink them. Every person I know raves about them on the daily. But let’s face it. I’m lazy as hell. And smoothies involve peeling and chopping and slicing and giving a fuck. Smoothies are like, french braids or completed crosswords done in pen. You want to show off that you’ve completed it but there’s a level of effort involved that no one wants to talk about. I slice a lemon into my naglene and think I’m channeling Eric Ripert.

2. I skipped the Grammy Awards because I don’t need another …READ MORE


I went through a phase in my early teens when I was obsessed with jury selection (I mean, who DIDN’T have that phase?) and read every book possible on the topic. This was after the OJ Simpson case and I was convinced that the right jury would have REALIZED WHAT EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY KNEW. I became an expert on how to spot liars, identify psychopaths and establish who wants to wants to chop off your head and use it as a soup bowl so I was convinced I would be up for online dating.

I mean, isn’t that what it …READ MORE

My favourite tweets of 2012

I know the best people on the internet. These are my favourite tweets of the entire year. Drumroll please……

On feelings

- “Can’t walk when I’m this angry.”- @HonestToddler

- “You’re just a feeling.”- @PreschoolGems

- “After Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin, it was turned into 10,000 pumpkin spice lattes so everyone was fuckin’ thrilled.” – @AngryBFlay

- “I’m learning to drop my fear of being earnest. We’ve been taught to mock earnestness, but it’s truly a lovely thing.”- @schmutzie

” ‘Razbliuto’ is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, …READ MORE

That time I bought a fake ass from Bethenny Frankel

I just wanted a Pippa Middleton moment.

I’ve never had a note worthy ass. There is not a lot of junk in my trunk and I’ve been in awe of a great booty since Destiny’s Child first started singing about them. Magazines told me that with a personal trainer and a solid two hour (DAILY) work out, I could proudly have a rear to rival my favourite Kardashian. But I like free time and I don’t have a personal trainer and let’s get real- I’m a bit lazy. So I had gently told myself that living bootylicious-less in the world …READ MORE

Top Ten BiSC '12 Moments

airport with kelly and katherine

1. The moment where I realized that not only would I be meeting bloggers at the airport, but that Kelly and Katherine would be waiting with a handmade sign. And that within minutes, we would be pulling off artistic poses like this. Obviously Katherine and I are ready for our own Vegas show. Genius is a fire within us. It is why we blog.

2. The moment Amanda became my pusher and I went from this:


On Being Yourself And Other Bullshit That Seriously Makes Sense

Last year I went to BiSC (check the previous post if you don’t know what this. And no, this isn’t going to be another plea for me to get my ticket paid for. ALTHOUGH I’D REALLY LIKE IT IF I WON THAT CONTEST) and I admit- I did something for that trip I never thought I’d do.

And up until this second, I have never told anyone.

When I went to Vegas, I went with hair extensions.

And right now you are all- eye rolling and saying “girl, please. I thought you were going to give up something juicy like …READ MORE

Free things, balloon hats & a topless Morgan Freeman

BiSC. Heard of it?

I had the term written on my calendar at work and one of my students asked if BiSC stood for “Betcha I’m So Cool”. I almost agreed, because yes- that phrase definitely fits.

If you are out of the loop, BiSC actually stands for “Bloggers in Sin City”. Last year on a whim, I signed up to go to Vegas and spent 4 days with some of the most thoughtful, amazing and hilarious people on the planet. Who just happened to be bloggers. I wore a balloon hat for 7 hours straight, there was a band …READ MORE

Macy. Kim. Me.

So first of all, if you break out into hives when someone whispers the word “Kardashian”, this post is not for you. But here, look at my cute puppy before you go:

You want to see how adorable Macy is in her harness she wears because her walking speed is Mach 5? Okay! One more:

Now that you feel that you’ve swallowed a rainbow of happiness, you may leave.

Kardashian time.

Let’s just get it out in the open- I like Kim Kardashian. I think she’s a smart business woman and is ridiculously talented at knowing how to …READ MORE

When You Have Too Much To Say, This Is How You Say It

Dear students in my new class, I already adore you. Sure, you don’t need me in the same ways as my class last year but you still are so innocent and entertaining. While reading to you about Terry Fox, I looked up and realized that not a single one of you were playing with toys in your desk or were blowing spit bubbles. All 23 of you sat in rapt attention and a few of you looked close to tears as we talked about what it must have taken to get up each morning and run, like Terry did. And …READ MORE