This is what happens when you say YES.

Yes to big ideas. Not to marriage proposals. So just… get that thought of the way. (If you listen quietly, you can hear my mom weeping).

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about saying Yes. I wrote about branching out and creating a list of 10 liberating and slightly irresponsible choices and using the month of June to jump into the deep scary end of the ocean of living. Here is the list and what I’ve done so far…

1. Instead of skipping out on the bill (which was suggested in the original list- which? Is too …READ MORE

Here is what’s up

Obviously I’m lacking in my usual wit when that is what I can come up with for a title to this post after 34 minutes of hard, squinty-eyed staring at my computer while listening to my go to source of inspiration (*Taylor Swift on repeat).

It’s been a day. It’s been a week. Hell, it’s been a last 12 months. Yesterday started out great then turned into one of the hardest days in my entire life. It involved breaking points, furious texting and confirmation that insurance companies are douchebags. That makes me sound insensitive but I assure you- that’s not …READ MORE

The One Where I Show You My Diamond Encrusted Toothbrush & Tell You Things Every Blogger Should Know

I was feeling listy. It was either this or “Ten Swear Words I Said Today Before 9 am“- I really was going to go with that one but three of them made me blush, that’s why I’m going with this. And before anyone complains, yes- I feel that blogging for almost three years (*holey cheese!) makes me a certified expert on blogging even if I a) don’t own my own domain b) have yet to make single dollar off my blog (but I have got a lot of free stuff?) c) have a nervous breakdown every time I try and …READ MORE

No. Seriously.

Sometimes I wonder why I haven’t written that book I sometimes talk about. Sometimes I wonder how come I don’t have time to practice juggling or learn how to speak French or find a few minutes to deep condition my hair. Then I realize, I spend my free time doing stuff like this:

That’s right. It’s a flow chart based on “The Hills”. That I created for a friend who acts like he doesn’t want to watch it but who I know SECRETLY DOES. I’m not going to lie, I hate myself a little for knowing so much …READ MORE

I’m not talking about Grey’s Anatomy

For reasons I will never be able to articulate, I seem to swing violently between being 100% confident in my life and my choices and the direction I’m going- to the other extreme, 100% puddle on the kitchen floor, all emo with mascara stains on my cheeks feeling like I have yet to make a right choice and my life is doomed for failure before I hit thirty. There’s no in between, no grey area, no room to stretch- to accept that some choices might have been successes while others were failures. I paint everything with the same brush: it’s …READ MORE


It’s Monday. Which means, The Secret Project Day but there’s something today that I wanted to write about instead (which gives you another week to get in secrets!). Today, May 4th- is the lovely Brookem’s birthday.

It’s hard when you try and describe how you are friends with someone you’ve never met. Or what makes you friends with someone in the first place. But for reasons I will never understand, (but will be forever thankful for) Miss Brookem and I have hit it off.

Through two years of conversations, we’ve covered every conversation under the sun. We squealed over boys …READ MORE

My Oscar General Thank You Speech

Despite my love for sparkly prom-like dresses, my willingness to sit through hours of singing and dancing and my **mild appreciation of Wolverine Hugh Jackman, I wasn’t invited to the Oscars this year. AND WORSE YET, I wasn’t even nominated. I have a ridiculous vlog saved somewhere on my computer, I thought just making it would have been enough to secure a nomination, but no. If I would have vlogged about Slumdog Millionaire I would have got nominated. Man. I bet if I would have just looked directly into the camera and said “SLUMDOG MILLIONAIRE!” I would have at least …READ MORE


November 2006- Start my blog. On a whim. Because I’m killing time before going on a date. My first post talks about how bloggers are pretentious (no really, it does) and how I’m scared no one is going to read my blog. And then, because I’m afraid no one WILL read my blog, I attach my blog url to my email so every “real life” friend will have access to it. (I later refer to this “Blogging Mistake #1“).

November 2006- December 2006= No one reads my blog and I do not understand why. Doesn’t the internet know I exist?


2008: Music, Cocktails & Hair

I thought this was an appropriate grouping of best/worst ’08 topics to share considering I spent a lot of my Saturday night drinking martinis and then later refused to get out of a car until I had sung this entire song for my friend. I sang with my eyes closed, with my head bopping and with elaborate hand gestures, all while still wearing my seat belt. My liver and I are back on speaking terms, but I’m fairly certain my friend is scarred for life.

Best Albums of 2008 by Travis 1. No Kids – Come Into My House 2. …READ MORE

The good, the bad & the irrational anger

Confession: I haven’t really liked myself lately.

This has nothing to do with my hair not cooperating or the fact that my favorite fall clothes are not fitting the way I like. It’s more than that. It’s less than that. I haven’t liked my attitude lately. And by that I mean, if I could figure out a painless way to curb stomp some sense into me, I would.

I’ve been sleeping well. I’ve been visiting friends. I’ve been working regularly. I’ve been running and reading and writing in my journal. I’ve been taking my vitamins, deep conditioning my hair, remembering …READ MORE