“Sometimes I think about whales and just about lose my mind.”

One of the absolute best parts of teaching young kids is that you are there for all those quotes and stories that come out unfiltered. Young kids don’t always put the words in the right order, they don’t care what others think and they are never politically correct. Which makes conversations with them one of the highlights of my job. So whenever we had downtime, whether it was eating at lunchtime or riding on a fluorescent orange school bus coming back from a field trip, I always liked to ask my third grade class questions. About love and books and …READ MORE

“Love means you gotta use your words when you are fighting about the dishwater again”

He meant “dishwasher”. We clarified when he brought it up to my desk for me to check.

See, the thing is, teaching 3 grade is the best. The kids are independent, they get your jokes (well most of them unless you try to tell something that doesn’t involve the words “knock knock”), yet they still want hugs and draw you pictures of flowers and a sun wearing sunglasses and tell you that you are the prettiest person in the world. (It would be wrong to argue with them).

So every so often we skip learning cursive (because daily cursive practice …READ MORE

I feel like busting loose and I feel like touching you

I know.

Nelly lyrics for my title? Either I’m forging new ground or else I’m regressing to 2002 and someone should take me out back with a shovel and put me out of my misery.

Either way, this lyric is one that has been popping into my head lately. I have no idea totally know why. I think because (start looking for your shovel), this particular song makes me ridiculously happy. And right now? I am ridiculously happy.

Like the kind of happy makes normal people want to shout from rooftops and makes us technology whores write blog posts …READ MORE

I’m not talking about Grey’s Anatomy

For reasons I will never be able to articulate, I seem to swing violently between being 100% confident in my life and my choices and the direction I’m going- to the other extreme, 100% puddle on the kitchen floor, all emo with mascara stains on my cheeks feeling like I have yet to make a right choice and my life is doomed for failure before I hit thirty. There’s no in between, no grey area, no room to stretch- to accept that some choices might have been successes while others were failures. I paint everything with the same brush: it’s …READ MORE

With Great Consequence


I found this while doing the kind of lazy, uninterrupted online perusing you can only do when you have approximately 873 things to do on your to-do list. I was going to tie this into Earth Day and baby polar bears drowning and the fact that Edward Norton is so smoking hot as an ambassador for the planet that he’s probably a leading contributor to global warming. But in the end I thought I would say that I just liked this. Because isn’t it exactly how you feel when you fall?

I’ve always appreciated the fact that …READ MORE

I need a lobotomy an intervention

I did this to myself.

I’m the first to admit this.

You see, I went on a bit of a bender during the holidays. People warned me that it wasn’t healthy. That I was going to hurt myself. That I was playing with fire.

Yet, I ignored them all. And went to see someone who could help me me get a fix.

I went to Blockbuster.

And spent days watching “The Wedding Date”, “You’ve Got Mail”, “When Harry Met Sally”, ” Must Love Dogs”, “Sleepless in Seattle”, “The Notebook” and “The Bridges of Madison County” (and you know what sort …READ MORE

A comment on comments

Sometimes people leave comments on past posts. Comments that deserve to be shared, comments that I’m afraid that most people never get a chance to read. I got this comment from Kit (I don’t have a url to connect to him) left on my Musts post and I thought it was worth sharing- it made me all swoony (so swoony in fact, I shared it with Brookem 2.4 seconds after I originally read it). It’s a comment that makes me hopeful, that reminds me that there is great power and therapy in writing, it reminds me that there should be …READ MORE

In that case, I said “hello” to 3 cars on the way to work

The best part of teaching kids is realizing that 99% of their genius goes unrecognized by them. The things they shriek and utter, whisper and shout are the truths their hearts hold but they live at an age where they don’t realize the brilliance of their comments. Genius observations and heartbreaking truths fall from the mouths without a second thought and I run after them scooping them up- writing them down, sharing with parents. Us adults stand together and marvel at their insights while they chase each other, threatening to wipe invisible boogers on each other.

It’s a million mispronunciations, …READ MORE

All my love letters are marked as spam

Sometimes I really do think I was born in the wrong era. I yearn to be a heroine in a Jane Austen novel. Fastened into a corset, wrapped up in yards of silk and a bonnet- clutching a finely written love letter from a lover on an adventure, but aching to return to me.

But I was born in the 80′s. Meaning, that the majority of my adult ‘love letters’ have come in the form of emails. I know this is partly my fault (I tend to email people before calling, or actually- gasp!- seeing them), but today while I …READ MORE

What they don’t tell you

I often like to reflect on all the things I didn’t learn in university that I should have. Someone should have taught a class on how to work all the school office equipment (and more importantly, what to do when the photocopier breaks down for the 734th time and your kicking of the machine is getting you dirty looks). Someone should have taught a class on what to have your teacher assistants do- because finding work for them often is the hardest part of my planning. Someone should have taught a class on time management. On the trick to writing …READ MORE