I’m not talking about Grey’s Anatomy

For reasons I will never be able to articulate, I seem to swing violently between being 100% confident in my life and my choices and the direction I’m going- to the other extreme, 100% puddle on the kitchen floor, all emo with mascara stains on my cheeks feeling like I have yet to make a right choice and my life is doomed for failure before I hit thirty. There’s no in between, no grey area, no room to stretch- to accept that some choices might have been successes while others were failures. I paint everything with the same brush: it’s …READ MORE

I’ll even pull out the brass knuckles

I once got dumped over dinner and was so upset that I left my wallet at the table when I stormed out. My cheap, yet resourceful table companion who had just moments before broke my heart into a tiny grains of it’s former self- used my bank card to pay for dinner. Because I may pick soulless, callous men to break my heart, but I will make sure they will always know how to get a free dinner.

But that’s not what this post is about.

A few weeks after that event, I went out with friends to wash …READ MORE

Sunday nights

UPDATE: While I work on responding to all your comments, please check out my guest post over at Brookem’s site. It’s about MUSIC and that one time Brookem did tequila shots with Stevie Nicks.

Sunday night found me at the grocery store. Doing the sort of shopping I didn’t really need to do. The kind of shopping I do only when I am feeling very bored and sorry for myself because it’s Sunday NIGHT!, and my life no longer involves Sunday night keggers or spontaneous parties or Grey’s Anatomy (because I used to watch it when it was on …READ MORE

She knew me when

There are some perks to going back to your hometown and teaching in your old school. To walk the hallways you once did as a child and see them from adult eyes. To see that the playground isn’t as big, the principal not as scary, the ceiling not as high as you always thought it was.

I had run into one of my favourite teachers while getting my keys at the office. Though still young, she had retired to raise her family and but had recently started subbing. She promised to sneak into my classroom at recess to chat me …READ MORE

Heard in the hallway

Girl: Chris! That’s her. That’s our professor!Boy: No way.Girl: I know. She actually dresses like she’s from the same century as us.Boy: Holyl shit. I’m changing my major.