Are you ready to let go?


2013 was so much for me. It was just… so much in all the best and hardest ways.

I started dating again (which is an accomplishment in itself if you remember how my previous date had gone). I fell more in love with my job, tackled a lot of personal issues and found myself inching back towards the place of contentment that I used to reside in before things got difficult and my brain chemistry changed and showering became the biggest hurdle of my day.

So I look back grateful. Grateful and relieved that I survived this year. Thankful that …READ MORE

For Jake, Martin Sheen & Myself


I have a student in my class, let’s call him Jake. He’s (secretly) one of my favourite students because he tends to see the glass half full and is grumpy in the most endearing way. He struggles socially and spends a lot of recesses with me as he says “I don’t have friends because my brain has a hard time making some”. He has big brown eyes and his shoe laces are always undone. Jake has a lot of anxiety issues and when I have a substitute at school, he’s so worried about me he works in counsellors office to …READ MORE

Letting go of Brad Pitt and other ways to be happy

If you don’t know me or haven’t followed my blog, you may not know this about me:

I was once very angry. Not outwardly angry- not slash your tires angry or kick the wall with your boots on angry. I wasn’t even punch a pillow angry. I was anger turned inward- a soul crushing sort of inner angry that manifested itself through debilitating depression that left me unable to get out of bed and at times, suicidal.

Well that was one hell of an opener. (I promise, it gets more light hearted…).

The hows and whys of how one gets …READ MORE




My wish for you:

“I hope you will have a wonderful year, that you’ll dream dangerously and outrageously, that you’ll make something that didn’t exist before you made it, that you will be loved and that you will be liked, and that you will have people to love and to like in return. And, most importantly (because I think there should be more kindness and more wisdom in the world right now), that you will, when you need to be, be wise, and that you will always be kind.” ―Neil Gaiman


Things that are good.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like Life is heavy these days.

I keep trying to find positives, to talk myself up into a good mood- then I feel regretful, as though by marvelling at the deliciousness of french toast or singing to a good song on the radio, I’m not showing enough reverence and respect to how the world currently stands.

To what has happened.

Which then makes me feel guiltier than before.

It’s a vicious cycle of feeling low, then building up to a good mood then feeling guilty about the good mood. Eventually I crawl into …READ MORE

The one where I tell you to kindly shut up

When you think you are casually bringing up the idea of “summer vacation” to a teacher, the reality is you are inadvertently being a douche. Because teachers and summer vacation don’t exist in the way you think they do. Non-teachers assume that teachers work from 9-3pm, get paid fairly and spend large parts of their day doing crafts. We wear witch earrings on Halloween, celebrate Christmas with carols and go on field trips to fun locales. We are rewarded for our pursuits with two months of pure rest and relaxation, where we will jet set the world with our easily …READ MORE

Happy *Galentine’s Day!

I am forever amazed at how fucking awesome the people I know are. I mean it. I’m not sure how I was able to cultivate friendships with such a talented, brilliant and gifted group of women but I am glad I did. My life is marked by the fingerprints these women leave, through their writing and word, kind acts and calls for action and I am better for it.

They are talented moms and friends, wives and daughters, runners and photographers, big idea people and get it done people. They are the women who write essays that can leave me …READ MORE

Here! Look at all the things I am afraid of!

(inspired by one of my *favourites)

I’m thinking of blaming Nike (because after my last globalization class, I like to blame them for everything that’s wrong with the world) or all the pastel colored chick lit books that line my shelves. Or maybe I should just blame Sarah Palin because really, I enjoy blaming her for everything.

More seriously (because really, anything is more serious than Sarah Palin), I think it might be a generational thing. The idea that being afraid of anything, admitting regrets or fears is a weakness. We worked so hard to become leaders and college grads …READ MORE

August and Everything After

Oh hi.

I have a blog?

What wonderful news!

Seriously though, the last month has been a whirlwind of pie baking and sleepovers and dress freakouts and pictures posed while modeling 1 am lush flush. There’s been swimming in clear water, fighting grasshoppers and napping under trees. There’s been last minute speech meltdowns and celebratory high fives. There’s been gasps over the dress, sighs over the kiss and a successful mission to recapture a flower girl gone rogue.

Originally, my plan was to try and keep life sane while preparing to watch my best friend get married- though eventually through …READ MORE

On Why Mom Bloggers Make Me Bitter

Let’s just start out by saying this. I’m not 100% percent bitter, only about 83%. And not at all moms. Just 31% of them. But a title called “Why I’m 83% Bitter at 31% of Moms” gave my math phobic self severe heart palpitations.

One of my favourite bloggers once said “everyone has something”, a statement referring to the idea that each person is going through their own battle- a notion that has really hit home with me in the last few months. Bloggers with children are no exception. I read a lot of blogs of women in their 30′s …READ MORE