Top Ten BiSC '12 Moments

airport with kelly and katherine

1. The moment where I realized that not only would I be meeting bloggers at the airport, but that Kelly and Katherine would be waiting with a handmade sign. And that within minutes, we would be pulling off artistic poses like this. Obviously Katherine and I are ready for our own Vegas show. Genius is a fire within us. It is why we blog.

2. The moment Amanda became my pusher and I went from this:


Free things, balloon hats & a topless Morgan Freeman

BiSC. Heard of it?

I had the term written on my calendar at work and one of my students asked if BiSC stood for “Betcha I’m So Cool”. I almost agreed, because yes- that phrase definitely fits.

If you are out of the loop, BiSC actually stands for “Bloggers in Sin City”. Last year on a whim, I signed up to go to Vegas and spent 4 days with some of the most thoughtful, amazing and hilarious people on the planet. Who just happened to be bloggers. I wore a balloon hat for 7 hours straight, there was a band …READ MORE

Protected: Don’t hate me for this #BiSC

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

The One That I’m Writing Just For You

I was told once that I’m not a personal blogger. I write about what’s going on at school, I wax on about my love for Josh Lyman and tequila but when it comes to sharing stories about my friends or family? I don’t find myself writing those stories easily. Perhaps because I feel guarded- those friends and family, well I adore them in the ways you adore the things you can’t imagine living without. I keep them, I keep their stories close to me the way you sometimes hold on to good news or happy memories, because you love them …READ MORE

2008: The Year of Mandy Moore, Michael Franti & a woman named Mallard

If there’s one thing I love about the ending of a year, it’s the excuse to buy 3 new dresses for new years year end questionnaires that everyone does. This year, I decided to join the masses and fill out the one I found here. Not only did it let me reflect on the year, it also let me practice my page linking abilities. AND THAT’S ALWAYS FUN.

1. What did you do in 2008 that you’d never done before? Lost sleep over the New Hampshire primary. Taught my own class. Recited Shakespeare to the masses. Hid in a classroom …READ MORE

Just kicking it with Ben. Affleck, that is.

Do you ever have one of those weeks where your hands move instinctively to your head just to make sure that your brain is still attached? And you wake up counting the hours until you can get back into your bed? And your best daydreams involve singing Oasis in your bathtub with just a bottle of gin for company? Yeah. That’s this week.

When life gets full, my brain shuts down. One of the first things to go is any ability to write anything remotely entertaining. That, and sometimes I forget to put pants on. So here’s a scattered list …READ MORE

The LV recap

Bonjour my friends! I am back! First of all, let me give a big huge thanks to Brookem for filling in (and writing the nicest, most lovely post that filled my heart with happiness- seriously, anytime a post involves Hills talk, I label it a 5 star event). She really is fantastic and our Hills emails should pretty much be filed under “A” for awesome.

Now. Vegas. There’s so much to say, it’s hard to figure out where to start. So, let’s do it this way. Below are 10 statements. Some are true and some are false. Figure out which …READ MORE

what happens there, stays there?

Firstly, since Miss Brandylu asked that I hijack her blog whilst she’s away in Vegas (lucky lady), and last night is when The Hills! made it’s debut back, I had to pay proper tribute and do a shoutout for that alone, first and foremost. I’m Brookem, I’m a Hills addict, I like men with a good HOH, and Brandy is one of my most favourite bloggers. I’ve been reading Brandy’s blog for about a year or so now?, and I remember being hooked when I read this post. Brandy and I, despite our geographical distance, seem to be in tune …READ MORE

Just Me And Some Un Delegates

I’m drunk and in the Las Vegas airport. Beside someone who keeps talking about how she is apart of a UN delegate. She has said very articulate things. I have spent the last 26 minutes thinking about how much I love drinks that come in 64 ounce containers and Banana Republic sales.

I hurt in many places, but I do believe Las Vegas is magic!

So is spellcheck.

I promise there will be a better update soon!