Things that are good.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like Life is heavy these days.

I keep trying to find positives, to talk myself up into a good mood- then I feel regretful, as though by marvelling at the deliciousness of french toast or singing to a good song on the radio, I’m not showing enough reverence and respect to how the world currently stands.

To what has happened.

Which then makes me feel guiltier than before.

It’s a vicious cycle of feeling low, then building up to a good mood then feeling guilty about the good mood. Eventually I crawl into …READ MORE

Free things, balloon hats & a topless Morgan Freeman

BiSC. Heard of it?

I had the term written on my calendar at work and one of my students asked if BiSC stood for “Betcha I’m So Cool”. I almost agreed, because yes- that phrase definitely fits.

If you are out of the loop, BiSC actually stands for “Bloggers in Sin City”. Last year on a whim, I signed up to go to Vegas and spent 4 days with some of the most thoughtful, amazing and hilarious people on the planet. Who just happened to be bloggers. I wore a balloon hat for 7 hours straight, there was a band …READ MORE

This is what happens when you say YES.

Yes to big ideas. Not to marriage proposals. So just… get that thought of the way. (If you listen quietly, you can hear my mom weeping).

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about saying Yes. I wrote about branching out and creating a list of 10 liberating and slightly irresponsible choices and using the month of June to jump into the deep scary end of the ocean of living. Here is the list and what I’ve done so far…

1. Instead of skipping out on the bill (which was suggested in the original list- which? Is too …READ MORE


Alright. So first? Major credit to people who hold contests and know how to manage all the twitter entries, facebook entries and smoke signals people can send up in order to win. It took me roughly 32 minutes to figure out how to take a screenshot of the winner.

Let’s bask in this:

Are you amazed as I am? Probably not, but still. My mom (who still calls it ‘the internets’) would be pleased. Congratulations Rachel! Secondly, I’m fairly confident that no one is reading this because people always stop reading after they realize that they didn’t win. Because …READ MORE

Mascara and lipgloss and A CONTEST, oh my!

By the time I was a teenager, I was fully immersed in a world of Clinque lipgloss and Tribe perfume. Thankfully, my mom realized I was hooked and took me to rehab an Estee Lauder expert who explained that lipliner should not be black and blush? Should not be seen as a fuchsia tiger stripe running across my face.

Thanks, mom.


The downside to this addiction is that I’m pretty much solely responsible for Sephora existing. I’ve at least paid for the owner’s yacht a few times over with my addiction to “mascara research”. So I’ve …READ MORE

Heartbreakers & Dealmakers

I knew a guy once who had the annoying habit of cracking his knuckles before sleep. It drove me INSANE. Nothing is more unsettling than drifting off and being awakened by a large CRACK!, followed by nine more CRACKS! . (Well, of course there are things more unsettling than this but it really does make my top five- sandwiched in between being woken up by someone staring at you and finding out that your ex-boyfriend used to masturbate to your grade 9 graduation photo. Bullet? Dodged.).

So, I did what any girl who loves sleep more than she should- I …READ MORE

A Happy Revolution

(picture taken by me of this awesome calendar)

Yeah. I TOTALLY know what you are thinking. Ohhhh, now that she’s got a new job and NOW she believes in miracles, what a whore.

Okay, maybe not the ‘whore’ bit.

I’ve been thinking lately about how I need to work on recognizing happiness. I’m always good at knowing when I WAS happy, but I often forget to appreciate the moment I AM happy. It’s one of those things- you don’t realize how good it is until it’s over (there’s a country song in there somewhere). I tend to be …READ MORE

It doesn’t make sense but the good stuff usually doesn’t

I recently had a rattlesnake of a woman kind and helpful lady tell me that ‘women wear lipstick, girls wear lip gloss‘ WHILE I WAS PUTTING ON LIP GLOSS. Needless to say, her views on FLAVORED lip gloss had her making the face people usually reserve for when they find an old dirty diaper in the backseat of their car. Thankfully, I’m so in love with this: I didn’t care what she said. I almost have an orgasm when I put it on my lips. Well, I’m sure a dude would love it if that happened but I’m just …READ MORE

The One About My Dress

You can find the post HERE.