For Jake, Martin Sheen & Myself


I have a student in my class, let’s call him Jake. He’s (secretly) one of my favourite students because he tends to see the glass half full and is grumpy in the most endearing way. He struggles socially and spends a lot of recesses with me as he says “I don’t have friends because my brain has a hard time making some”. He has big brown eyes and his shoe laces are always undone. Jake has a lot of anxiety issues and when I have a substitute at school, he’s so worried about me he works in counsellors office to …READ MORE

My favourite tweets of 2012

I know the best people on the internet. These are my favourite tweets of the entire year. Drumroll please……

On feelings

- “Can’t walk when I’m this angry.”- @HonestToddler

- “You’re just a feeling.”- @PreschoolGems

- “After Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin, it was turned into 10,000 pumpkin spice lattes so everyone was fuckin’ thrilled.” – @AngryBFlay

- “I’m learning to drop my fear of being earnest. We’ve been taught to mock earnestness, but it’s truly a lovely thing.”- @schmutzie

” ‘Razbliuto’ is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, …READ MORE

Ever wonder how we fall in love?


I’m a reader. I read daily, usually after a hot shower when I’m curled up and bed and should be sleeping. As a kid, this was my favourite way to read- gulping in words late at night when my parents had told me to go to bed. The quiet and the darkness allow me to concentrate and dive into books in a way I just can’t do during the day. I love books that engulf me, that have lines so poignant they echo in my insides throughout the day. One of my current favourite reads is “Big Questions from Little …READ MORE

Pretty much the best post ever. No. Really.

Anyone who has ever read my blog knows that I have a deep-seated, long-lived, would stab a kitten if someone told me they didn’t like the show, sort of love for a little television program called….


Friends have even called my addiction to the show unhealthy.

Besides being the greatest show on television in terms of *casting, The West Wing has the ability to make you laugh, cry, swoon, swear and most importantly (and most cheesy)- it will make you hope.

I told you it was cheesy.

But it will make you hope. And you will …READ MORE

A Short History Of Contest Winners & A New Giveaway

The lucky winners of “A Girls’ Guide To Hunting and Fishing” by Melissa Banks are….

Laura and Amber

Congratulations! Email me your address! Now on to the new contest…

In the sixth grade, I remember my quirky teacher with the thick British accent and love for Laura Ashley flowing dresses talking about the idea of what piece of art would best represent our world. More specifically (and far less lofty), we were talking about what we’d send to outer space in a care kit in case aliens stumbled across it. I remember being absolutely stumped.

Twenty years later, I …READ MORE

And then, BAM! Things got fancy

So yes.

I am aware that there’s a little something called “Post Secret” and it’s amazing. I am still wading through my inbox (and why yes, I am aware that one of the most interesting things to read is someone writing about how full their inbox is), and I found this ditty that had got placed in my spam folder.


So here is todays The Secret Project submission. By someone “too lazy” to mail it to Post Secret. (Their words not mine!). I thought it was beautifully said and of course, had to share it. Not only did …READ MORE

“Everything seems impossible until it gets done”

That’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s one that’s been ringing in my head since last Wednesday when the internet ROCKED MY WORLD and showed me just how much people care. And how much people can do. Because internet? You are getting it done.

You really are on fire right now. Not “what’s that smell?” sort of fire, but “Whoooo! LOOK AT US GO!” sort of fire. As of today, YOU have raised over $3,000 for multiple myeloma research. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Cue confetti!

Not only that, the loveharder shop is selling stuff at a rapid pace and the …READ MORE

A Beautiful Dropkick

It surprises me when I discover I am loved.

That sounds silly doesn’t? As though one should take for granted being loved as easy as one takes for granted air or space or the continued beat of their own heart despite a deep rooted love for corn dogs.

But it surprises me to discover I am loved.

When the words leave someone else and are shot straight to me- like a rubber band filled with nervous excitement, ” I love you“, three words that light up even the darkest night, I find that I have no room to be delighted- …READ MORE

It doesn’t make sense but the good stuff usually doesn’t

I recently had a rattlesnake of a woman kind and helpful lady tell me that ‘women wear lipstick, girls wear lip gloss‘ WHILE I WAS PUTTING ON LIP GLOSS. Needless to say, her views on FLAVORED lip gloss had her making the face people usually reserve for when they find an old dirty diaper in the backseat of their car. Thankfully, I’m so in love with this: I didn’t care what she said. I almost have an orgasm when I put it on my lips. Well, I’m sure a dude would love it if that happened but I’m just …READ MORE


November 2006- Start my blog. On a whim. Because I’m killing time before going on a date. My first post talks about how bloggers are pretentious (no really, it does) and how I’m scared no one is going to read my blog. And then, because I’m afraid no one WILL read my blog, I attach my blog url to my email so every “real life” friend will have access to it. (I later refer to this “Blogging Mistake #1“).

November 2006- December 2006= No one reads my blog and I do not understand why. Doesn’t the internet know I exist?