My favourite tweets of 2013

This is one of my favourite posts to go back and reread. It reminds me that people are hilarious and twitter is more than just a place to document what you ate for lunch and watch a celebrity meltdown in real time. So obviously since I’m on a blogging streak (meaning I’ve blogged twice THIS YEAR ALREADY), I had to do it again. This one is much longer because you guys continue to become more hilarious and thoughtful and brilliant.

1.”I’ve done lots of awful things in my life but I can keep my head high knowing I’ve never tweeted …READ MORE

My favourite tweets of 2012

I know the best people on the internet. These are my favourite tweets of the entire year. Drumroll please……

On feelings

- “Can’t walk when I’m this angry.”- @HonestToddler

- “You’re just a feeling.”- @PreschoolGems

- “After Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin, it was turned into 10,000 pumpkin spice lattes so everyone was fuckin’ thrilled.” – @AngryBFlay

- “I’m learning to drop my fear of being earnest. We’ve been taught to mock earnestness, but it’s truly a lovely thing.”- @schmutzie

” ‘Razbliuto’ is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, …READ MORE

Happy *Galentine’s Day!

I am forever amazed at how fucking awesome the people I know are. I mean it. I’m not sure how I was able to cultivate friendships with such a talented, brilliant and gifted group of women but I am glad I did. My life is marked by the fingerprints these women leave, through their writing and word, kind acts and calls for action and I am better for it.

They are talented moms and friends, wives and daughters, runners and photographers, big idea people and get it done people. They are the women who write essays that can leave me …READ MORE

“I lie to my family about how much I get paid so they won’t lecture me on how much I spend!”

It’s Secret Project time!

1. I am currently living overseas and my best friend back home is battling depression. If I could do one thing for my friend it would be to take all the strength in my body and belief I have in her, out of myself and put it into her. I wish that, even for an instant she could feel what it’s like to know such a phenomenal person and how she makes us all better people, just for having her in our lives; I’m also afraid that telling her this will only make her feel worse.


On insomnia, Wal-Mart denial & the grace of prayer in a bathrobe

Lately I’ve become one of those people who routinely is up at 4:30am laying in bed attempting to use a soothing voice to tell myself to go the fuck to sleep. And when that doesn’t put me into a deep slumber, I make lists in my head- things I should do, things I want to do, things I wish I would have done, supplies I need to buy at Wal-mart for the projects I started thinking about at 2am.

(Sidenote: I’ve never been a regular Wal-Mart shopper, but it opens earlier than anywhere else (8 am) so I have found …READ MORE

If You Do One Thing Today, Do This…

Go here.



“Sometimes I think about whales and just about lose my mind.”

One of the absolute best parts of teaching young kids is that you are there for all those quotes and stories that come out unfiltered. Young kids don’t always put the words in the right order, they don’t care what others think and they are never politically correct. Which makes conversations with them one of the highlights of my job. So whenever we had downtime, whether it was eating at lunchtime or riding on a fluorescent orange school bus coming back from a field trip, I always liked to ask my third grade class questions. About love and books and …READ MORE

“Love means you gotta use your words when you are fighting about the dishwater again”

He meant “dishwasher”. We clarified when he brought it up to my desk for me to check.

See, the thing is, teaching 3 grade is the best. The kids are independent, they get your jokes (well most of them unless you try to tell something that doesn’t involve the words “knock knock”), yet they still want hugs and draw you pictures of flowers and a sun wearing sunglasses and tell you that you are the prettiest person in the world. (It would be wrong to argue with them).

So every so often we skip learning cursive (because daily cursive practice …READ MORE

“Every time my engaged friends start talking about weddings, I tune out and imagine Rob Pattinson naked. It calms me.”

It’s Secret Project time!

Here’s my not so secret, secret: I miss you.

Also? I am ANGRY at every online poll that has ranked “Out of Sight” as the sexiest movie ever. I’m watching it, and although I adore me some George Timothy Clooney, I feel confident stating that buying toe socks is sexier than this movie. End rant.

And yes, I have pre-ordered Harry Potter tickets for next week. Yes! Okay Muggles, let’s get this show on the road!

1. I’m a gay man, open, in a relationship. And I LOVE men. But for some reason I still really …READ MORE

How could you not love this?

Today I gave my grade 4 class a writing assignment. They were to write a persuasive letter to anyone- on any topic. Some of my students wrote to their parents wanting an increase in allowance, some wrote to the school principal- begging for school to be extended (yes, I have THOSE students). But one student wrote to me. He didn’t write the most articulate letter, nor did he ace the spelling, but it made me smile like a lottery winner, so I thought I would share it with you.

Dear best teacher.

I am writing to you to tell you …READ MORE