My favourite tweets of 2012

I know the best people on the internet. These are my favourite tweets of the entire year. Drumroll please……

On feelings

- “Can’t walk when I’m this angry.”- @HonestToddler

- “You’re just a feeling.”- @PreschoolGems

- “After Cinderella’s carriage turned back into a pumpkin, it was turned into 10,000 pumpkin spice lattes so everyone was fuckin’ thrilled.” – @AngryBFlay

- “I’m learning to drop my fear of being earnest. We’ve been taught to mock earnestness, but it’s truly a lovely thing.”- @schmutzie

” ‘Razbliuto’ is a Russian word to describe that empty feeling you have for someone you once loved, …READ MORE

Things that are good.

I know I’m not alone in feeling like Life is heavy these days.

I keep trying to find positives, to talk myself up into a good mood- then I feel regretful, as though by marvelling at the deliciousness of french toast or singing to a good song on the radio, I’m not showing enough reverence and respect to how the world currently stands.

To what has happened.

Which then makes me feel guiltier than before.

It’s a vicious cycle of feeling low, then building up to a good mood then feeling guilty about the good mood. Eventually I crawl into …READ MORE

Top Ten BiSC '12 Moments

airport with kelly and katherine

1. The moment where I realized that not only would I be meeting bloggers at the airport, but that Kelly and Katherine would be waiting with a handmade sign. And that within minutes, we would be pulling off artistic poses like this. Obviously Katherine and I are ready for our own Vegas show. Genius is a fire within us. It is why we blog.

2. The moment Amanda became my pusher and I went from this:


Happy *Galentine’s Day!

I am forever amazed at how fucking awesome the people I know are. I mean it. I’m not sure how I was able to cultivate friendships with such a talented, brilliant and gifted group of women but I am glad I did. My life is marked by the fingerprints these women leave, through their writing and word, kind acts and calls for action and I am better for it.

They are talented moms and friends, wives and daughters, runners and photographers, big idea people and get it done people. They are the women who write essays that can leave me …READ MORE

Macy. Kim. Me.

So first of all, if you break out into hives when someone whispers the word “Kardashian”, this post is not for you. But here, look at my cute puppy before you go:

You want to see how adorable Macy is in her harness she wears because her walking speed is Mach 5? Okay! One more:

Now that you feel that you’ve swallowed a rainbow of happiness, you may leave.

Kardashian time.

Let’s just get it out in the open- I like Kim Kardashian. I think she’s a smart business woman and is ridiculously talented at knowing how to …READ MORE



So I can teach you how to figure skate. I can clean a closet like a boss. You want a book recommendation? I’m your girl. But when it comes to booking airplane flights and hotel rooms, I’m a quivering, confused mess. I log into twitter and everyone is constantly tweeting about their great deals on flights (granted, they don’t live in Canada- aka: THE MIDDLE OF NOWHERE), but I’m always panicked I’m missing out.

I need to fly into Norfolk airport for the August 12th weekend (hi Steph Tanner!) where my internet little sister and I plan on wearing …READ MORE

“Sometimes I think about whales and just about lose my mind.”

One of the absolute best parts of teaching young kids is that you are there for all those quotes and stories that come out unfiltered. Young kids don’t always put the words in the right order, they don’t care what others think and they are never politically correct. Which makes conversations with them one of the highlights of my job. So whenever we had downtime, whether it was eating at lunchtime or riding on a fluorescent orange school bus coming back from a field trip, I always liked to ask my third grade class questions. About love and books and …READ MORE

This is what happens when you say YES.

Yes to big ideas. Not to marriage proposals. So just… get that thought of the way. (If you listen quietly, you can hear my mom weeping).

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about saying Yes. I wrote about branching out and creating a list of 10 liberating and slightly irresponsible choices and using the month of June to jump into the deep scary end of the ocean of living. Here is the list and what I’ve done so far…

1. Instead of skipping out on the bill (which was suggested in the original list- which? Is too …READ MORE

Because These Are The Best Days

Oh hi blog!

When summer vacation started, my summer plans list looked something like this: 1. get up at 7am everyday 2. learn a new language (preferably something useful like Mandarin) 3. blog a few times a week 4. go for a morning run 5. become a domestic goddess worthy of her own show on TLC. 6. PREPARE FOR HARRY POTTER WORLD!

Summer vacation is half over and so far this is what my list has morphed into: 1. get up before noon-ish (Like that ‘-ish’? I don’t like putting serious limits on myself. My body reacts badly to boundaries) …READ MORE

How could you not love this?

Today I gave my grade 4 class a writing assignment. They were to write a persuasive letter to anyone- on any topic. Some of my students wrote to their parents wanting an increase in allowance, some wrote to the school principal- begging for school to be extended (yes, I have THOSE students). But one student wrote to me. He didn’t write the most articulate letter, nor did he ace the spelling, but it made me smile like a lottery winner, so I thought I would share it with you.

Dear best teacher.

I am writing to you to tell you …READ MORE