A question about relationships (aka: I’m pulling a *Jay-Z aka: hello blog!)

A few weeks ago, I was spending my free time putting together a list of reading strategies for a bulletin board to help kids comprehend what they are reading. (And yes, this is what teachers do in their free time. So before you start going all “JULY AND AUGUST HOLIDAYS” on me, I’m just going to stop you right here and tell you to suck it.) One of the strategies that most experts agree on, is that a student needs to be able to recognize relationships in writing and understand what these relationships mean. As seen here. Please note how …READ MORE

10 Reasons Why I’m Not A Famous Blogger

You know, you’ve done it too. You find yourself with 10 minutes to spare, click ‘bookmarks’ and scroll down to a famous blogger you have bookmarked. I’m not talking famous in your world blogger, the kind that your particular blogger group, seems to have crowned homecoming king or queen, I’m talking about famous to the ENTIRE world blogger. The kind of blogger who has one name- and everybody knows it. You scroll down to their too hip for more than one syllable name, and click- waiting for that feeling of envy and happiness to rise up inside you, like it …READ MORE

Health Wise

I teach Health to eight year olds. Once a week, for thirty minutes- we talk about how to brush your teeth or what to do if your kid brother lights you on fire with firecrackers and the many different types of flammable liquid one can find around the home (and why it’s bad news bears to drink them).

One of the things we work on in Health is self- esteem. They are growing up in a Bratz Dolls universe and any doll that can make Barbie look like a slob has got to be dangerous. So last Health block, …READ MORE

Great Big Things

I don’t do maxi dresses (I’m too short) and I’m not really in love with granola (blame the granola binge of ’06), but the way I talk to my class sometimes, I’m sure I’m labeled the ‘hippie teacher’. We talk about feelings and goals and quotes that inspire us. We talk about why we are learning and how we are learning it and what we can do with the knowledge we are gaining. We sometimes talk about how what we learn in school just isn’t for school, it’s for life- that every piece of information we gather is to help …READ MORE

What would you do in one week?

Oh internet, I’m in love.

With a movie.

Called “One Week“.

Those of you who aren’t Canadian (or who don’t love Joshua Jackson with all of your soul unlike this girl) may not have heard of it. It basically is a movie about a man is confronted with death and goes on a roadtrip to figure out exactly what he wants in life. That sounds cliche, doesn’t? But I assure you, this movie is unlike any I’ve ever watched. Plus, it’s fun to see how they cram Canada into every possible scene- through showcasing the beauty of the country, a …READ MORE

Tina Fey, Salma Hayek and Me

So yesterday I had a conversation about Salma Hayek. And Tina Fey. And who I’m more like (which? For the record? Was not a conversation I started). And the answer I got left me unhappy and talking with a lot of exclamation marks. Which, I know is silly because really, both of them are pretty stellar in completely different ways. It did make me wonder though, if YOU could have people view you as similar to either of them, who would you want to be more like? Or if you are a dude, who do you think is cooler?


Because nothing says ‘Happy Birthday Jesus!’ like an ugly sweater competition

Five Things I refuse to apologize for

1. My wit. And my modesty. And any lame attempt at a joke that has failed like me in a high school calculus class.

2. Wearing Uggs. I get it. People think they are unattractive. But seriously, who can show me a winter boot that IS fashionable? And one that I can put on in roughly 0.24 seconds? (Which? Is pretty high on the list of requirements for my winter footwear when I have to run outside and laugh hysterically at deal with children who have decided to lick metal playground equipment). …READ MORE