Throw away your damn bucket list

I want you to think of the bucket list that you have. Whether it’s triumphantly displayed on your blog, written shyly in your journal or catalogued in the recesses of your brain right after the recipe for spinach dip your mother gave you, I want you to rename that list “Things I Wish To Do Sometime Before I Die”.

Not very powerful is it?

When death is your finish line, you’re running the wrong race.

Considering that you are a perishable item with an expiry date, we could go further and rename your bucket list “Things I Wish To Do …READ MORE

Let’s Pretend I’m Yoda

That title just sounded so much more entertaining than the usual “Here are things I’m currently recommending”. But, lately I’ve been feeling a bit like Julie Andrews with the lists of all of my favourite things and decided to share.

Books 1. The Age of Miracles by Karen Thompson Walker. If you follow me on twitter or Instagram, you will have heard me already rave about this book. I’m not going to do any review justice, (also, I’m lazy), so just read it.

2. The Art of Fielding by Chad Harbach. It’s about baseball. And EVERY OTHER HUMAN EXPERIENCE, so …READ MORE

Make Your Failures Epic

At the beginning of the year I always tell my kids a story of me in university. The story of how after busting my ass, I got 17% on my midterm and my professor scrawled “Great Improvement!” on my paper because it was. Math was foreign to me and that 17% was like a solid A in my math deficient mind and a huge improvement from the secure 6% I had got on my last assignment where my poor professor had taken to just writing smiley faces beside my work. I whooped it up after class, passing that midterm around …READ MORE

20 Things To Stop Apologizing For

Inspired by Ashley who a) re-did my blog (and never once laughed at any of my horrible passwords) b) is wonderfully talented and c) who reminded me that not knowing computer design makes sense if I’ve never been taught COMPUTER DESIGN.

1. Not blogging enough.

2. The music on your ipod.

3. The behavior of anyone but yourself.

4. Not understanding anything you haven’t been taught.

5. Buying Us Weekly.

6. Photos you publish on Instagram.

7. Explaining how you feel.

8. Buying movie tickets to Nicolas Cage movies and thus encouraging him to continue acting.

9. Forgetting.

10. Choices …READ MORE

On Being Yourself And Other Bullshit That Seriously Makes Sense

Last year I went to BiSC (check the previous post if you don’t know what this. And no, this isn’t going to be another plea for me to get my ticket paid for. ALTHOUGH I’D REALLY LIKE IT IF I WON THAT CONTEST) and I admit- I did something for that trip I never thought I’d do.

And up until this second, I have never told anyone.

When I went to Vegas, I went with hair extensions.

And right now you are all- eye rolling and saying “girl, please. I thought you were going to give up something juicy like …READ MORE

This is what happens when you say YES.

Yes to big ideas. Not to marriage proposals. So just… get that thought of the way. (If you listen quietly, you can hear my mom weeping).

A few weeks ago, I wrote a post about saying Yes. I wrote about branching out and creating a list of 10 liberating and slightly irresponsible choices and using the month of June to jump into the deep scary end of the ocean of living. Here is the list and what I’ve done so far…

1. Instead of skipping out on the bill (which was suggested in the original list- which? Is too …READ MORE



So one of my friends emailed me this and it pretty much consumed me with reckless, uninhibited glee. Sort of like how you would feel if you were perched in Hawaii, taking a bath in chocolate sauce, listening to your favourite song after finding the Hope diamond in your sock drawer, when Ryan Reynolds comes in and offers to paint your nails. Shirtless.

As much as I adore lists- I’ve never been a “Life List” girl. My wants- my over the top suddenly I can’t die happy unless this happens, ultimate guide to unparalleled joy wants, change …READ MORE

It’s impossible for this post to get any more awesome


How To Not Be A Shitty Person

Let’s be clear. I didn’t come up with this list while quoting Gandhi and emptying out the entire contents of my bank account to give to a third world nation. I actually started this list to remind myself how I want to try and live. I easily get caught up in bad habits- and thought tattooing “STOP SWEARING LOUDLY WHILE SHAKING YOUR FIST AT BAD DRIVERS” to my forehead was extreme and a bit too long for my tiny forehead. So I wrote a list to remind myself of how to behave like a normal human being. Some people create …READ MORE

Yoga won’t save you & other deep thoughts from the edge

I’m not sure how it happened.

I could blame “Eat, Pray, Love”. The idea that, when faced with a devastating loss or unyielding heartache of epic proportions, the most courageous thing you can do is to leave. To run. To flee. To explore new lands and discover new people. That anything less than a dramatic exit will not suffice, will not illustrate to those around you just how absolutely crushed you are. That unless I smash plates, book trips to exotic lands, get ill-placed tattoos, take up chain smoking and jeggings- that my sadness does not have a home, isn’t …READ MORE