For Jake, Martin Sheen & Myself


I have a student in my class, let’s call him Jake. He’s (secretly) one of my favourite students because he tends to see the glass half full and is grumpy in the most endearing way. He struggles socially and spends a lot of recesses with me as he says “I don’t have friends because my brain has a hard time making some”. He has big brown eyes and his shoe laces are always undone. Jake has a lot of anxiety issues and when I have a substitute at school, he’s so worried about me he works in counsellors office to …READ MORE


I went through a phase in my early teens when I was obsessed with jury selection (I mean, who DIDN’T have that phase?) and read every book possible on the topic. This was after the OJ Simpson case and I was convinced that the right jury would have REALIZED WHAT EVERYONE ELSE ALREADY KNEW. I became an expert on how to spot liars, identify psychopaths and establish who wants to wants to chop off your head and use it as a soup bowl so I was convinced I would be up for online dating.

I mean, isn’t that what it …READ MORE

Letting go of Brad Pitt and other ways to be happy

If you don’t know me or haven’t followed my blog, you may not know this about me:

I was once very angry. Not outwardly angry- not slash your tires angry or kick the wall with your boots on angry. I wasn’t even punch a pillow angry. I was anger turned inward- a soul crushing sort of inner angry that manifested itself through debilitating depression that left me unable to get out of bed and at times, suicidal.

Well that was one hell of an opener. (I promise, it gets more light hearted…).

The hows and whys of how one gets …READ MORE

You're The Same, Just Like Everyone Else

Growing up, I was friends with two really interesting twins. While I was rocking a mushroom cut and Club Monaco sweatshirt, these two girls were shaving their heads and wearing lots of mesh, camo and elaborate necklaces with snake charms. While my mom gave me tylenol for a headache, their mom practiced Reiki and ancient herbal medicines to curb body pains. My home was a standard homage Pottery Barn, their house was a collection of Star Wars collectibles, exotic pets and crystals the size of pre-schoolers. Sleepovers were an exercise in restraint as I practiced acting nonchalant as they fed …READ MORE

“Sometimes I think about whales and just about lose my mind.”

One of the absolute best parts of teaching young kids is that you are there for all those quotes and stories that come out unfiltered. Young kids don’t always put the words in the right order, they don’t care what others think and they are never politically correct. Which makes conversations with them one of the highlights of my job. So whenever we had downtime, whether it was eating at lunchtime or riding on a fluorescent orange school bus coming back from a field trip, I always liked to ask my third grade class questions. About love and books and …READ MORE


To my grade 3 class,

I have exactly 31 teaching days with you left. You don’t realize this yet- you are eight years old and the concept of counting down to something other than Christmas is beyond your reality. You are living for soccer at recess and spelling games and Art class on Friday. You live for computer class free time and the moment you realize how to multiply 6 by 7. That’s one of my favourite things about you- you aren’t thinking about tomorrow because you are too busy filling up today.

And you’ve filled up my year beyond …READ MORE

“Everything seems impossible until it gets done”

That’s one of my favourite quotes. It’s one that’s been ringing in my head since last Wednesday when the internet ROCKED MY WORLD and showed me just how much people care. And how much people can do. Because internet? You are getting it done.

You really are on fire right now. Not “what’s that smell?” sort of fire, but “Whoooo! LOOK AT US GO!” sort of fire. As of today, YOU have raised over $3,000 for multiple myeloma research. THREE THOUSAND DOLLARS.

Cue confetti!

Not only that, the loveharder shop is selling stuff at a rapid pace and the …READ MORE

The One That I’m Writing Just For You

I was told once that I’m not a personal blogger. I write about what’s going on at school, I wax on about my love for Josh Lyman and tequila but when it comes to sharing stories about my friends or family? I don’t find myself writing those stories easily. Perhaps because I feel guarded- those friends and family, well I adore them in the ways you adore the things you can’t imagine living without. I keep them, I keep their stories close to me the way you sometimes hold on to good news or happy memories, because you love them …READ MORE

Then He Loves You

If he always gives you the last bite of his sandwich or the first lick of his ice cream cone, then he loves you.

If he’s seen your high school yearbook photo and says he still loves you, then he loves you.

If he’s counted all your freckles,- even the ones behind your knees, then he loves you.

If, right before sleep, he leans in, buries his nose in your hair and inhales, and when you ask what he’s doing, he smiles a smile that reminds you of a secret and says ‘nothing’, then he loves you.

If he tells …READ MORE