Throw away your damn bucket list

I want you to think of the bucket list that you have. Whether it’s triumphantly displayed on your blog, written shyly in your journal or catalogued in the recesses of your brain right after the recipe for spinach dip your mother gave you, I want you to rename that list “Things I Wish To Do Sometime Before I Die”.

Not very powerful is it?

When death is your finish line, you’re running the wrong race.

Considering that you are a perishable item with an expiry date, we could go further and rename your bucket list “Things I Wish To Do …READ MORE

Free things, balloon hats & a topless Morgan Freeman

BiSC. Heard of it?

I had the term written on my calendar at work and one of my students asked if BiSC stood for “Betcha I’m So Cool”. I almost agreed, because yes- that phrase definitely fits.

If you are out of the loop, BiSC actually stands for “Bloggers in Sin City”. Last year on a whim, I signed up to go to Vegas and spent 4 days with some of the most thoughtful, amazing and hilarious people on the planet. Who just happened to be bloggers. I wore a balloon hat for 7 hours straight, there was a band …READ MORE

Tuesday is for Music Lovers

I decided today that I should start listening to my ENTIRE itunes library. Not just, the six songs that I listen to on repeat. As I started listening, I realized two things 1) a song can really take you back to a memory you had forgotten and 2) I have too much Will Smith in my music collection. Really, it’s embarrassing. (Almost as embarrassing as the album name “Big Willie Style”. Seriously. Who thought that was a good idea?) Anyway, as I puttered throughout the day, songs came on that took me back to a memory relating to those who …READ MORE


Everyone has them. The movie you must see, the song you must hear, the book you must read, the city you must visit. When I talk about my ‘musts’ I’m almost fanatical, my feelings are so strong on each of them. My list of ‘musts’ don’t necessarily mean they are my favorite. They are just what has stood out, became memorable and left me with something that I think others might find valuable. So, I give you a few of my ‘musts’, and hope that you will tell me a few of yours

Must read book: The Confederacy of Dunces …READ MORE

Still outshaking Shakira

I found this in an email account I was cleaning up (because email account cleaning can turn into a whole day project when you are unemployed), and was both delighted and horrified to see how accurately this still was, SIX YEARS after I originally wrote it- except the mono part. I kicked mono’s ass- all while backpacking Europe because I’m part superhero.

Dear Everyone…

So sorry for the mass email, I am just so busy that I can’t write to you each all individually, I am sure you understand. Considering the fact that I have no serious job, no real …READ MORE

Why I want to slap my gender (aka Chicks be crazy)

I hate to say this, but I’m afraid sometimes my gender is insane.

During my 7 day trip, I did not meet a single friendly female. NONE. I met many nice men, but not a single nice woman. The girls I did meet-all fell into distinct and unfortunate categories.

I met the insecure, mean girls. The girls who spent 5 minutes at the bar with us smiling and then walked away to talk about my friend and I to other people- other insecure, mean girls. They only stopped talking about us when I walked over to them and was greeted …READ MORE

Tequila, Batman & Silk Dresses

I ate breakfast while watching the tide. I had lazy sleeps under a hut. I got over my life long fear of swimming and swam every night in the ocean while counting stars and satellites. I drank tequila and clapped along to the mariachi band. I walked down broken streets in a silk dress while it rained. I laughed so hard I almost peed my pants. More than once.

I discovered that girls are their own worst enemy. That too many women will allow judgment to ruin their holiday, insecurity to ruin their night. I burnt my nose so …READ MORE

The LV recap

Bonjour my friends! I am back! First of all, let me give a big huge thanks to Brookem for filling in (and writing the nicest, most lovely post that filled my heart with happiness- seriously, anytime a post involves Hills talk, I label it a 5 star event). She really is fantastic and our Hills emails should pretty much be filed under “A” for awesome.

Now. Vegas. There’s so much to say, it’s hard to figure out where to start. So, let’s do it this way. Below are 10 statements. Some are true and some are false. Figure out which …READ MORE

Just Me And Some Un Delegates

I’m drunk and in the Las Vegas airport. Beside someone who keeps talking about how she is apart of a UN delegate. She has said very articulate things. I have spent the last 26 minutes thinking about how much I love drinks that come in 64 ounce containers and Banana Republic sales.

I hurt in many places, but I do believe Las Vegas is magic!

So is spellcheck.

I promise there will be a better update soon!

Dispatches from the edge

Do you ever have one of those days that goes from fantastic to freaking awful in the span of 2.4 seconds? You find your heart filled like a bucket with love and happiness and unexplained glee (yes, glee. Why does that feel so weird to type.. glee? Why don’t people say it more often?) and then suddenly, like a row of dominoes, something tips and you find yourself looking around at a mess wondering

“Is this really my life?”

Yeah. That was about 2 hours ago.

In such situations, I like to turn to the drink but I’m out of …READ MORE