Just Like A Phoenix

The other day I was driving home thinking “Why is twitter such an ass? I can’t possibly share all my thoughts in 140 characters. I mean, I can share a lot of them (which doesn’t really say a lot about how complex my thoughts are if most fit easily in one sentence) but sometimes, just sometimes I wish there was a way for me to share my thoughts that are LONGER than 140 characters. I get tired of using abbreviations and I’d rather lay on a dull, rusty sword than substitute the word ‘u’ for ‘you’. I fear sometimes my …READ MORE

The C Word Strikes Again

I admit it.

Sometimes when I’m on twitter casually trying to drum up sympathy for my current PINK EYE situation or trying to find someone who has watched the latest Downton Abbey episode and wants to talk about THE CREEPY PATRICK (real? not real?), I will read a tweet about cancer and feel nothing less than a semi truck slam against my insides.

As everyone who has been touched by cancer knows- (is there anyone who hasn’t at this point?) the soul crushing feelings that accompany the word cancer, never leave. You just find new ways to deal with it …READ MORE

Every. Single. Day.

I have updates. I also have a strong love for lists. Thankfully, I am able to bring these two together in what I vaguely remember calling a ‘post’. Booyah!

- It’s been been 10 days since H.A.D. came back. Ten. Days. Ten days since he decided that he wanted to come back and push “re-start” on everything and every single day since then I have woke up ridiculously grateful. Like, my mouth hurts from smiling kind of grateful. Not just for me, but for him. I believe that people need time to be alone, to sort through life when life …READ MORE

Love Harder

Life happened. I’m on an indefinite blogging break.

Christmas Secrets posted here.

Blogcation Day #4

Hi! I’m Peter. And this is Day #4 of my Blogcation. I am mildly sunburned. I drank the water. And the girl from England I hooked up with has been stalking my room. Fun! Today brandypie gets a little short fiction-y deal. These two characters may or may not be the same ones from Jenn’s post on Friday…

From a distance, he isn’t sure that it is her.

Well, he doesn’t want to be sure.

But it is.

And he is.

He puts his game face on.

He tries.

But she gets closer.

He notices that the DJ is playing …READ MORE

“I tell people it’s a bottle tan but it’s really the tanning bed. I lie because my aunt died of skin cancer.”

New Secrets are up! Remember if you have a secret, you can still submit. For those of you knew to the project, read here for more details.

1. I have a friend that I’ve known for 10 years, and I want to cut off our friendship because everything we plan, revolves around her boyfriend. She’s been hurt by men, so she’s possessive with him and she can’t stand to be away from him for more than a few hours (like while she’s at work). She’s having a hard time just coming to visit me and take a weekend vacation. …READ MORE

I Choose II

Part One can be found here…

salsa over ketchup Hillary over Bill too cold over too hot (this is why I live in Canada and not Florida) manicures over massages essay writing over test taking hockey over football Woody Allen over Woody Harrelson Jefferson over Washington pepper over salt dark eyes over bright lips Llyod Dobbler over Ferris Buller scrabble over cranium Everyone over Karl Rove Rachel Maddow over Everyone too fast over too slow doctor visits over dentist visits star gazing over Star! reading house salad over Caesar salad Nicole over Paris beer over cocktails making the mistake over …READ MORE

What happens when Mallard & I bump into each other at Starbucks

You remember Mallard don’t you? If you don’t want to read the Mallard chronicles (and I don’t blame you if you don’t, that title ‘Mallard chronicles’ doesn’t scream “MUST READ”), basically Mallard was this stranger who was working at the same school as me (who was wearing a mallard on her shirt, hence the nickname) who randomly came up to me and told me she didn’t like my hair. AT ALL. (The “at all” was actually something she said). She looked at me like I had just showered in the liquid found at the bottom of a dumpster. And then …READ MORE

if you’re lucky

It’s funny how this blogging thing can connect us to others in a way that we never really imagined. The people we meet, the friends we make, from all over the freaking world, it’s kind of amazing, right? I mean you go into blogging probably because you have an affinity for writing, you have something to say, you want to get your words out of your mind and out there, and something else happens as a really good side benny, if you’re lucky. Someone from somewhere far away (like Canada!) stumbles across your blog or you fall upon her’s first, …READ MORE

Throwing the book at Facebook

Dear Facebook,

I write to you today with a heavy heart. We used to be so close! Remember that time you introduced me to Scramble and my loved ones had to send out a search party? What fun! I loved that game. You were witty with all your superlatives (three votes for being caught wearing a bunny costume for no reason? Go me!), and I loved that I could play Scrabulous any time I wanted (even with Beth who continues to destroy me).

You let me stalk all those people I went to highschool with- you know the ones you …READ MORE