Here! Look at all the things I am afraid of!

(inspired by one of my *favourites)

I’m thinking of blaming Nike (because after my last globalization class, I like to blame them for everything that’s wrong with the world) or all the pastel colored chick lit books that line my shelves. Or maybe I should just blame Sarah Palin because really, I enjoy blaming her for everything.

More seriously (because really, anything is more serious than Sarah Palin), I think it might be a generational thing. The idea that being afraid of anything, admitting regrets or fears is a weakness. We worked so hard to become leaders and college grads …READ MORE

The One About My Dress

You can find the post HERE.

And then I was naked in front of a stranger

I’m skipping writing a post about Christmas. I will say that CASHMERE was involved (and apparently, CASHMERE has been added to the list of words that must be capitalized along with BUCK HUNTER and OBAMA!) and although I found myself at times frustrated and quite sad- overall it was good. And I can say that it was good because I learned something. And as long as you learned something, it’s got to be classified as a ‘good’ experience. At least that’s what my grandfather told me on the phone. But I’m not sure he can be trusted, he has a …READ MORE