Top Ten BiSC '12 Moments

airport with kelly and katherine

1. The moment where I realized that not only would I be meeting bloggers at the airport, but that Kelly and Katherine would be waiting with a handmade sign. And that within minutes, we would be pulling off artistic poses like this. Obviously Katherine and I are ready for our own Vegas show. Genius is a fire within us. It is why we blog.

2. The moment Amanda became my pusher and I went from this:


You're The Same, Just Like Everyone Else

Growing up, I was friends with two really interesting twins. While I was rocking a mushroom cut and Club Monaco sweatshirt, these two girls were shaving their heads and wearing lots of mesh, camo and elaborate necklaces with snake charms. While my mom gave me tylenol for a headache, their mom practiced Reiki and ancient herbal medicines to curb body pains. My home was a standard homage Pottery Barn, their house was a collection of Star Wars collectibles, exotic pets and crystals the size of pre-schoolers. Sleepovers were an exercise in restraint as I practiced acting nonchalant as they fed …READ MORE

Make Your Failures Epic

At the beginning of the year I always tell my kids a story of me in university. The story of how after busting my ass, I got 17% on my midterm and my professor scrawled “Great Improvement!” on my paper because it was. Math was foreign to me and that 17% was like a solid A in my math deficient mind and a huge improvement from the secure 6% I had got on my last assignment where my poor professor had taken to just writing smiley faces beside my work. I whooped it up after class, passing that midterm around …READ MORE

20 Things To Stop Apologizing For

Inspired by Ashley who a) re-did my blog (and never once laughed at any of my horrible passwords) b) is wonderfully talented and c) who reminded me that not knowing computer design makes sense if I’ve never been taught COMPUTER DESIGN.

1. Not blogging enough.

2. The music on your ipod.

3. The behavior of anyone but yourself.

4. Not understanding anything you haven’t been taught.

5. Buying Us Weekly.

6. Photos you publish on Instagram.

7. Explaining how you feel.

8. Buying movie tickets to Nicolas Cage movies and thus encouraging him to continue acting.

9. Forgetting.

10. Choices …READ MORE


Say you are sitting in Starbucks and you see a woman with a stroller who is struggling to open the door.

You have a choice. Either return to your issue of Glamour newspaper while using your stealth peripheral vision to see who goes to help the woman or you go and hold the door open for the woman.

Say you decide to help the woman. Your morals, your belief in how to behave in any situation, requires you to act. She will say thank you, you will reply with “Oh, it’s no problem!” but inside you are secretly full of …READ MORE

Why I Don’t Need Your Vote

38 days ago I entered an essay contest that asked me “How do you live life on your own terms?”.

38 days ago I sat down at my computer and wrote the hardest words I ever wrote.

38 days ago I told the story of the night I decided to finally end everything- including my life that felt too full with all the things I couldn’t handle, the feelings that were anything but good, feelings of suffocation and panic, regret and despair.

I wrote without stopping, editing or thinking. I wrote the night out exactly as I remembered it, gently …READ MORE

The 10 Project: AKA: I NEED YOUR HELP

I drove home today with fingers itching to type this post. Ahh, so this is what it’s like to be inspired!

On a recent road trip, I listened to The Five Secrets You Must Discover Before You Die (STAY WITH ME, NOW) and it blew my mind in the way that only having someone articulate the things you already believe deep down inside but don’t know how to say does. The secrets are based on interviews with people who were nominated all across Canada and the United States due to the wisdom, happiness and contentment they displayed to those around …READ MORE

“Lately, I feel too nice for the internet.”

The Secret Project….

1. I like Nickelback. I’ve never gotten why everyone thinks they’re THAT bad.

2. Having something to actually be sad about would make admitting that I’m this sad and broken easier and I might actually try to seek help. But I fear that having something that sad and horrible happen would crush me into a thousand pieces and I would never recover, so every night I beg the universe that nothing any worse than what already exists happens, because I don’t think I could survive it. I’ve come to accept this ever-lasting emptiness because I’m afraid to …READ MORE

Happy *Galentine’s Day!

I am forever amazed at how fucking awesome the people I know are. I mean it. I’m not sure how I was able to cultivate friendships with such a talented, brilliant and gifted group of women but I am glad I did. My life is marked by the fingerprints these women leave, through their writing and word, kind acts and calls for action and I am better for it.

They are talented moms and friends, wives and daughters, runners and photographers, big idea people and get it done people. They are the women who write essays that can leave me …READ MORE

The C Word Strikes Again

I admit it.

Sometimes when I’m on twitter casually trying to drum up sympathy for my current PINK EYE situation or trying to find someone who has watched the latest Downton Abbey episode and wants to talk about THE CREEPY PATRICK (real? not real?), I will read a tweet about cancer and feel nothing less than a semi truck slam against my insides.

As everyone who has been touched by cancer knows- (is there anyone who hasn’t at this point?) the soul crushing feelings that accompany the word cancer, never leave. You just find new ways to deal with it …READ MORE